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Jerry Rice's ex wife Jackie Rice and girlfriend Latisha Pelayo

What is there left to say about Jerry Rice? The man came from a small Division 1-AA college (Mississippi Valley State) to set all kinds of records in the NFL and is the greatest wide receiver of all time (apologies to Randy Moss, the Mothership and a certain website named after headlines, but you're just wrong and no amount of stat manipulation can convince me otherwise). The man is a legend and it's fitting that it took someone nicknamed Megatron to break his single season receiving yards record.

Rice's career spanned almost 20 years, from 1985 through 2004. Excluding the one year he was injured and his final two seasons, he never amassed less than 800 yards. He holds the all time record for career receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns. He retired in 2004 after two lackluster seasons with the Seahawks.

Maybe his retirement was just a coincidence, but shortly after he decided to hang 'em up, things began going south for Jerry Rice's wife Jackie Rice. Jerry and his wife began having problems and filed for divorce in 2007, officially splitting in December 2009. During the divorce proceedings, it came out that Rice had engaged in many extramarital affairs during their time together and even had a paternity suit filed against him in 2002.

Rice has since moved on in the dating world, and wasted no time in doing so. Jerry Rice's girlfriend is Latisha Pelayo. The couple has been dating since 2008. Pelayo owns and operates a skin care salon. Not surprisingly, Pelayo met the still very much in shape Rice at the gym.

Jerry Rice and his ex-wife Jackie Rice were married on September 8th, 1987. Together they have 3 children - Jacqui, Jerry Jr. and Jada. Jerry Jr. has followed in his father's path, currently playing as a wide receiver at UCLA. Rice himself has kept busy in retirement, finishing second during his season on Dancing With the Stars and was even featured with his dog in a Wii football game.

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  1. Rashad

    Jerry your new Girlfriend is soooooooo beautiful,and so is your ex-wife Jackie#kudos to the greatest football player ever#ijs

  2. Awesome

    Jerry RIce is beast

  3. Eve

    I think Jackie is cute.

  4. To Jackie Rice

    You have 3 beautiful children from this marriage and some great memories. You are better off wo Jerry bc he was such an adulterer and showed a total lack of respect for u. Move on knowing u were the better person and his indiscretions will follow him in the future. God bless u r better wo an ego maniac narcissist like Jerry. He believes he is better everyone but he is incorrect . Be well... It will be better wo him.

  5. Frederick

    Jackie u is a beautiful lady Mississippi lady from the Delta area keep your head up you will always be a
    bless lady