David Akers wife Erika Akers


  1. David Marks

    I watched your husband tie the all-time NFL field goal record today and I wanted to congratulate you and your family! Most people watching wouldn’t realize how hard he’s worked and how hard he works now, as he approaches the big 40!

    I’m just in awe, plus he and you have done a lot for kids and for charity.
    But THE LONGEST FG in NFL history, ok “tied” for the record.

  2. Tim Scassero

    You may not recognize my name, but I bet David will. My wife Geri and I are huge fans of David and followed him at Eagles Prime Time (WXTU radio show) the entire time he was co-host. David is not only our favorite player, but one of our favorite people too!

    We had the pleasure of meeting you on several occasions along with seeing your children now and then too. What a great family you are. We miss seeing you all and still follow David no matter where he goes. We managed to get a photo to him of the billboard along 95 and in true fashion, he signed it for us and returned it. In fact, it came back while Geri was in the hospital and it brought a huge smile to her face. It was perfect timing. Speaking of hospitals, it is great what you two have done over the years for the patients at Children’s Hospital. We are sure the children and their family’s really appreciate all you do.

    Please let David know we are still cheering him on and really miss him in Philadelphia. Hopefully we will see you all again in the near future. Until then, please give our hello’s and love to everyone.
    Tim Scassero

  3. tuombe emma

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