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49ers Owner Jed York's Wife Danielle Belluomini

If you are anything like me, (and judging by the fact you're reading this post, it's pretty safe to assume that we have a few things in common) two things stick out right away from the photos of Jed York's wife Danielle Belluomini.

First, Jed did very well for himself by marrying Danielle. And secondly, exactly how old is Jed York and how does he own an NFL franchise? Before we tackle the second topic let's focus in on Danielle Belluomini. I would have no problem going up to her in a bar and taking a chance at getting her number. She's very cute but not unapproachably hot. Before marrying Jed she was a public school teacher and now does a lot of volunteer and charity work for both the team and in the education arena. The couple maintains a very low public profile compared to other NFL owners (yes I'm talking about you Jerry Jones!). After marrying in 2011 after a long courtship, the newlyweds honeymooned in the Florida Keys. Now don't get me wrong the Florida Keys are nice but that is the last place I would expect a couple like this to go on their honeymoon.

Now on to the more important question. How at the age of 32 is Jed York the owner of one of the most prized teams in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers? Has to be a dot-com guy, or an insane hedge fund manager right? Even that seems too early to have enough money to buy a team. To answer this question you need to go back to the glory days of Joe Montana and Steve Young. At the time Eddie DeBartolo was the owner of the 49ers. Everyone loved Eddie, including the Feds who charged Eddie with not reporting a felony. After pleading guilty Eddie was suspended by the NFL for a year. After coming back there were many legal issues that forced Eddie to give control to his sister Marie and her husband John York. After a rough stretch for the team, one that saw John York become one of the least popular owners, he turned the team over to his son Jed. Since taking ownership Jed has reshaped the image of the 49ers and been a much more fan friendly owner, though to be fair, I suppose a trip to the Super Bowl makes any owner more fan friendly,...

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7 Responses to “49ers Owner Jed York's Wife Danielle Belluomini”

  1. Deborah Davis

    Hi Mrs Belluomini,my name is Deborah Davis and I live very near the Levi stadium. WE the tenants of Villa Savannah love our 49ers no less than anyone else but because we live in affordable apartments we are being eased out. First our rent jumped $60% in two months and will be going up more. We don't have stadium money but we love our homes. Many single women with children have no where to go. There is not a lot of affordable places in San Jose. My own rent increased $632.00 in two months that is more than my disability check. I have lived here for over ten years and now they want us out. We don't want to stand in the way of progress but we could use some extra time so we can find a place and save for the down payment and etc.. We may have less money but we the Niner spirit! Thank you for listening though l don't know what l think you could do to help us but thanks anyway. DD 408-770-0025

  2. Mike

    Hi Danielle,
    I'm sure you are getting a lot of crazy emails. I have been a 49er fan since the late 50's when my Dad took me to Kezar Stadium, so I have been around awhile. (I'm old) I don't have any compliant's just a concern that maybe you can let Jed know, that a lot of us old fans are worried that Jim Harbaugh is gone after the season ends. This would be terrible, think of the 49ers before Jim arrived, and look what the 49ers have built. At least make him fulfill his contract, and then if he wants to leave, I guess the Niner's have no choice, but we are hoping that he is not fired, or traded at the end of the season. Pass this along to Jed, and also let him know he's doing a good job. He's got a ways to go before he is in his Uncle's class, but he is on his way.
    Thank you,

  3. Lowana

    Big Mistake letting the Coach of the 49rs being released. Who in management has played or managed a Team. You know what you have but I guess The Boss makes the final Decisions. The Fans are the ones who supports theTeam. I have been a fan since Candlestick. Frank Gore is the Rock. You need to sign him back and develop the younger team members. Please share with the ownership.

  4. Betty Mantz

    I think its pretty sad that a rich kid seems like a jerk would not want to keep the winning ways going ive been a niners fan for 30 years and its unreal tome that you have a great coach like harbaugh and you let him go . Iam from reno were kap went to college but ihope you as an owner have loosing seasons in the next years to come because of the lack realizing how hard it is to get a great coach its been ten years since the niners were good maybe the owner and manager should step down one very sad day go coach harbaugh very inmature to not work it out rich little punk

  5. Betty Mantz

    Another comment some of the greatest coaches are a little different but if your winning I thought thats what its about what a poor owner fans are not happy !!!!!!!

  6. Betty Mantz

    Just because your the owner and you think your decision is right your decision not to work it out shows how inmature you are !!!!!!!!

  7. scott

    Jed York sucks!Just as useless as his weak father. Sell the team to anyone with more brain than ego.