Philip Rivers’ wife Tiffany Rivers


  1. shane

    I played baseball with philip growing up. his father was our coach. his mother taught me how to swim. he is a good guy and they dated for years. one of the best guys i ever had the pleasure of playing ball with and a real good dude all around. she is a good person as well. im happy for his success and i wish him the best.

  2. Kathleen Jane Smalley

    Who are these shallow mean spirited people??beautiful family that are grounded in their faith….God bless you

  3. Mitch

    I’ve been calling him ‘Phrivers since like 2008 when he almost helped me almost make the playoffs in my fantasy season. It needs to stick…just say it….”Phrivers”. Oh yeah. “Phrivers.” The whole 7th grade story is crazy though. Phrivers need some strange. She’s decent but he’s in San Diego. Get some latino love.

  4. Jessica

    Philip is blessed to have someone love him so and he can trust that love because the love was there well before he was famous. They both are blessed to be so fertile and rich to have so many babes together!!! If I was fertile and had the money I’d have 7 babies with my hubby too!!! God Bless the Rivers family!!!

  5. Nancy

    Beautiful wife! Beautiful children! Great Quarterback! Beautiful life! Gotta love them! Congratulations on the birth of your 7th child.

  6. Zack

    Philip Rivers, a former Saint but now a Charger…wearing the respective number 17 has closely led the Bolts to a playoff win but came up short…”The Chargers are going to the Super Bowl!!!” is a dream that is closing rapidly unless they do something about it!!!

  7. Jeff haderer

    You and the Chargers were simply horrible today!!!
    Your work ethic is in huge question in North San Diego county…

  8. Edward Hurst

    Need to slow down on having all these kids. I know you love the sex but don’t worry about having enough room to play football worry about having enough oxygen in about 15 more years. You may have a college degree but don’t think you have learned any more than the homeless people in this world. The population of this world was 3 billion in 1916 and in less than 100 years it has gone to over 7 billion. We are destroying the human race and everything around it. Wake up people we won’t smelling the roses much longer.

  9. Bobbie Gibbons

    Dear Tiffany,

    I was a friend of your grandmother (Betty Jo) she was such a lovely lady. I know she is smiling down on you and your family. I would wish you a blessed life. You and your husband are examples of what a good marriage and family should be in the NFL. It must be called “mutual respect.”

  10. Taylor Osland

    Dear phlip why you Not did me you are married and 6 kids You lost the team your coach I want to lose the game. I am so disspointed to you. We had after the broncos and I am so mad at you. We have to after the beat You promises me no more the flags Start holding and illegal. Hands. Do you remember the night I went to San Diego. I was there we won the game on the tv. Against the chefs Is this my first day I want to see you person I want to take you out on the date.

  11. Jakeismyname

    She is not ugly. She looks like a “mom” rather than a model. That she is still fairly slim after seven children which is cool. Apparently they started dating when they were 13 and didn’t have sex until they married when they was 19. I don’t think that is a big deal. A ton of people lose their virginity at that age. What is so strange about this couple is that they have so many children. His wife should really get on birth control because having so many children is not good for her health.


    I’m an NFL / AFL fan since ’63 in S.D. Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in the NFL on & off the field. Great looking family that all should want. A couple since the 7th grade shows determination, maturity and a leader…to the Lombardi Trophy!
    God has blessed you with 7 great kids and Tiffany you look terrific. God is using your family to show the world what can happen when you believe in him. Your our Quarterback who is a role model for our younger “boys” to emulate. Wishing your family the best of health and success. Million of Chargers fans (yes we are that many)know your the Quarterback to get the Lombardi Trophy for San Diego.

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