Danny Woodhead's wife Stacia Woodhead



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Danny Woodhead's wife Stacia Woodhead is a registered nurse who was working in New Jersey before Danny's quick release by the Jets before being scooped up by the Pats.

Danny and Stacia Woodhead two met and began dating in high school in North Platte High School, in Nebraska, and continued dating through college. Danny Woodhead married married his long-time girlfriend in July of 2008.

Danny on married life since finding success in New England:
“She’s [Stacia] definitely happy for me, but at the same time, she knows it doesn’t change me. I still come home and do the dishes and take out the trash. She doesn’t treat me any differently.”

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3 Responses to “Danny Woodhead's wife Stacia Woodhead”

  1. Pete

    I sat next to her on a plane out to Pittsburgh. She is a really nice person who is down to earth. You could tell she isn't a gold digger, because they met in high school and Danny went to a Division II school

  2. Kent Brewster

    We were driving back to Wood River after a vacation to the Rockies and as looking for something on the radio in the boonies of I-80 and came across a station with the high school football game between North Platte and Scottsbluff. Danny was a senior I think and he ran wild for way over 200 yards. We figured NU would try to recruit him but didn't which was a good deal for Chadron State. He was small but mighty and still is. Just hope N.E. realizes how valuable he is to the team and keeps him around for a few more years. Teammates and fans love him.

  3. Retch

    She's average, but Danny isn't exactly Tom Brady lol

    As long as they're happy that's all that matters.

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