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Troy Polamalu's wife Theodora Polamalu



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UPDATE: 10-21-2011: According to ESPN, the NFL has done something dumb.

Let's be honest. If you're Troy Polamalu and you suffer what was described as a "very mild" concussion, isn't Troy Polamalu's wife Theodora Polamalu your first call? I mean, Troy did what most red-blooded Americans would do in that situation - call your wife, tell her you're OK, and calm things down before they blew up.

Apparently, the Shield didn't love that he did it from his cell phone. From the bench. During the game. Admittedly, the NFL outlaws all phones from the sideline (and for good reason, think Patriots style "spygate" reasons) but seriously NFL? You couldn't let this one slip? We guess that Troy thinks it's $10,000 well spent.

Troy Polamalu's wife Theodora Polamalu has been in the picture for quite some time. The two began dating while at USC together, after being introduced by Theodora's brother and Troy's teammate, Alex Holmes. Theodora moved to Pittsburgh with Troy in 2003 when he was drafted. They were engaged in 2004 and were married in January, 2005. The couple has two children together, with Troy announcing the birth of their youngest child, Ephraim, on his Twitter account.

Theodora Polamu has football in the blood. She is the daughter of former University of Michigan football standout, Mike Holmes, and the brother of former NFL tight end, Alex Holmes.

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13 Responses to “Troy Polamalu's wife Theodora Polamalu”

  1. nice

    I would love to see T.P. on D.W .T.S. it would be fab. everything about Troy is sweet.

  2. 808stateofmind

    can't help but be jealous however... what a beautiful couple!!!! manuia lou aiga Troy!!!

  3. benita

    i have always liked troy, but of course, being from jacksonville, fl. they were our natural enemies. but i just watched troy score a touchdown against the colts, and i now absolutely LOVE HIM! not because of the td, but because he just made the sign of the Cross on him while he was sitting on the bench not two minutes ago! i am a wannabe catholic, but not good enough because i have been married more than once, but i just found out he is a devoted catholic!!!! i think we may have another tim tebow on our hands! tim is not catholic, but is an extremely outspoken christian, and does not make apologies for his faith. let us thank our Lord for such devoted followers like tim and troy. tim is from jacksonville, and we really miss him! of course, my hubby likes these two guys because of the way they play! i adore them because of their outspoken faith, even if they were to never play another game again. i used to always say go tim tebow! now i will have to change my slogan to go tim and troy!! may The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit be with you both and your families always, which of course They will, but never forget what is important in this world. not money or fame, but what is coming. May His Love shine brightly in everything you two do, and may you and tim always be a shining example of what His love will do for your life, the peace and contentment that will always follow. may God bless you both. Amen.
    love always in Christ, benita mehaffey

  4. laurie

    Benita, he's Eastern Orthodox nor Catholic. Watch the sign of the cross from right to left (his right to his left). Catholics go from left to right. But he is very devout, reads and cites the writings of the desert fathers, very deep.

  5. Vitale

    You are both correct in saying he's a devout christian. Even if he is EO, he is still catholic. Catholic means universal. He is catholic of the Eatern Rite not catholic of the Roman Rite.

  6. Shasiti

    Tim Tebow is a fundie. They are at apposite ends of the Christian spectrum. There are over 140,000 different denominations of the Christian faith in America. Anyone ever stop to wonder why??

  7. Danielle

    I am the biggest Troy Polamalu fan, his wife Theodora has to be one of the most beautiful nfl wife!! I think they are a beautiful couple I met Troy 3 months ago from make a wish foundation and he is the very sweet and is also quiet and shy like me :)... I love Troy!!

  8. jathibiyya

    lol!!!How Sweet

  9. judy smith

    you make a lovely couple and i certainly hope you have a long and wonderful married life. wish you the best.

  10. sherri gibson

    A beautiful family. My grandson loves your husband and wants to be like him, right down to playing with the Steelers , he is 13 now, but has been playing since he was 6. Last Christmas, I learned all about your hsband, on the internet, while purchasing some things my grandson couldn't live without, that Troy signed. I see you you have a beautiful little one that will want to play like daddy too. God bless your family, and you and your husband for the work you do for others.

  11. Tbird

    Troy is the best safety who ever played in the NFL!!! I hope the Steelers keep him till retirement!!

  12. Ken

    Troy is amazing, both on and off the field. He adds an entirely new dimension to football with his athleticism, speed, and a vertical leep of 43 inches (at 5'10" and 207 lbs). Being in the Midwest, Troy is the onlyu reason I watch the Steelers.

    His character, work ethic, and dedication to self-improvement are second to none. It's surprising that he never even watches football.

    Keep on rockin', Troy. If only our politicians had Troy's character.

  13. Judy Seidel

    Theodora, you and Troy are so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Troy is the greatest safety in the NFL ever! He's here, he's there, he's everywhere on that field. Sometimes I lose him. LOL. I know someday he'll have to retire, but I hope it's not soon. I'll cry my eyes out. Continue to have a beautiful life. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

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