Terry Bradshaw’s Wife Melissa Babish, Jojo Starbuck and Carla Hopkins


  1. Laurel

    Mr.Bradshaw is a hard man to live with. None of his wives were gold diggers. They had their own careers. That was the conflict.

  2. linda

    Hey we’re born same yr.James Taylor same day as me. I remember him with hair U not so much as now with your shingles add. Just have to think about it & OMG it gives me such a belly roll laugh. If I don’t look in a mirror I’m at least 35 yrs. younger. Wish we had gone to school together I’d be looking forward to seeing you at our 50th class reunion. Hope U get it!!!No matter how things are going thinking about opening the front door with U there and so on…
    Thanks, hope you are really like that cause everyone needs someone like that on their really bad days. There is nothing like having a true belly roll laugh now & then. Oh yes I have had my shingles shot long ago &it was $$$.

  3. Francesca

    I have always loved Terry Bradshaw he is one funny guy. They are making a hit on Better Late Then Never. Great show I never miss it. NBC better keep this one on. I’m sick of all these really good clean funny shows getting cancelled.

  4. Notanexwifeorfanboy

    Terry is funny. Being a heterosexual male married dude, it never crossed my mind what kind of a guy he is when living with him. Don’t care. He has had some very pretty wives. Mine is gorgeous, and MINE all MINE. Here’s to happy marriages! May Terry have one.

  5. Mike Mace

    My grandmother never liked Terry Bradshaw, in fact she hated him. She told me he was a wife beater. Idk where she got her info but if she says it happened then I have to believe her. She was good friends with Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Back in the 60s & 70s she worked at the Franklin Motor Inn in Center City Philadelphia and a lot of sports stars stayed there while they were in town. Well, she made friends with everyone she’s ever spoke to and she’s waited on a whole lot of football players. But she wouldn’t wait on Terry. Idk, maybe he’s changed and a better person these days?

  6. Hal Pritzker

    Imagine the alimony that idiot has had to pay. He should have asked himself this before each “marriage”? Would this c**t give me even ONE look if I were just Terry Bradshaw, and not a successul NFL QB? The answer would have saved him a hell of a lot on money and mental pain.

  7. Kathleen Rose

    Terry Bradshaw is so funny. I love his new show The Bradshaw Bunch. It is wonderful. My father and I Watch it every week. His relationship is with his granddaughter is precious. I love it. His whole family is wonderful.

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