James Harrison’s girlfriend Beth Tibbott


  1. Bj

    Why does black athletes who become rich have to have a white women. Here is a guy Harrison if he was not who he is his wife would not be his wife. I don’t get it. You get a little money and you take it out of the community and give it to someone who’s going to get the best lawyer to take all of your money when it’s all over with. Big black dummy…that’s what you are James Harrion.

  2. Duwane

    Why my comment on black men dating white girls get deleted?
    I only say lots of black athletes when they get the money they want what they think is a step up.

  3. Chris

    You are dumb BJ, how bout you take your lazy ass and go get an education or work hard so you can be in the NFL and then you can give back to the community. Tired of everyone wanting people to give their own hard earned money to lazy ass people

  4. torria

    everyone needs to stop the crap.i thnk harrison is with the women he loves.all of you need to leave color out of it.there our a lot of black women with white wealthy men.that is one of the things wrong with this world.all i can say is face facts.and have respect for other people.mind ur bussiness

  5. grip

    Have you seen this website? The vast majority of black men in the NFL are married to black women. If a few black guys end up with white girls (and this white girl is a freaking lawyer who owns her own law firm so doesnt need Harrison’s money anyway) why do you care? Loser.

  6. Kevin Scott

    Why do we care about the race of the person that each individual chooses to be with? Why do we assume all sorts of things, usually negative, about it? Why not consider the possiblity that Mr. Harrison fell in love with a woman and she just happened to be white? Why not consider that Ms Timmons fell in love with a man and he just happened to be black? We love who we love.

    During my lifetime, I’m guessing that I’ve probably dated about 60% white women, 10-15% black women, 10-15% hispanic women, and 10% that were a mix or another race. (I’m white BTW.) The reason for that is because that is basically the breakdown of the U.S. population, and that is probably the percentage of women I run into of each of those races. The only reason I bring this up is because I wish to point out the likelihood that many many other Americans of all races date like this. This means that the race of whoever they end up with amounts to a bit of potluck. – it’s basically just whoever they are most compatible with. Yet when people see pictures of a mix-race couple, they assume all kinds of nefarious things about both members of that couple. I think that is really kind of a shame.

  7. DA Dude

    How can you assault a lawyer which is a women and not get busted for it ?? THE U.S. JUSTICE system stinks!!!!!!!!!! She’s a lawyer and did nothing ??? What kind of stupid white lady are you ???? Where ‘s this ladies father ?? Dead must be !!!!

  8. Hmmm

    Hmmmmmm since BJ’s post implied Black professional athletes choose to be with White women rather than Black women, am I correct to infer than the “lazy ass people” are then Black women?


    My opinion: you get what you pay for…I wonder how many “trophies” stick around once the contract ends, he’s cut, and/or the money has dried up?

    She obviously has enough book sense to be a lawyer and entrepreneur yet, she chose to stay with the abuser. Not smart. He’s crazy and she’s a dummy. She can have him , the money, and the beatings.

  9. dont believe the myth

    Ha ha. She is not cute at all. Quite mediocre at best and ghostly white. I don’t know how he does it. Haha. But, she should also know better. She is a lawyer having 2 children out of wedlock with this guy? Eww. He clearly does not respect her and she has no respect for herself either. I don’t care if she is a partner in a law firm. White folks (greedy) will sell their own mother to get at cash. Look at their history in this capitalist country. When this goes sour, he is going to be in a world of financial pain and will deserve every bit of it. Idiot. Each of them. BJ above, you have a good point, except I would say it is not that black guys have to have a white woman as it is that white women see money…uhm…black athletes and throw themselves at them too. You may or may not be surprised at the lengths these women will go to…it is quite interesting. Just happy it is not me.

  10. jack rizzo

    The girl is a lawyer so that makes her almost pretty. James is a retard , he would be broke if it wasn’t for her. His ego got the kid bit by the dog . What idiot has an aggressive pit bull around children. Also his ego shows with naming both kids James. Wife beater scrub. He will be in jail again soon

  11. danny

    James is an alright guy, he plays football the way it should be played. if the league continues to make these stupid rules , you may wanna think about calling it sissy ball, instead of football, and as for his wife ,if he love her and she love him ,leave well enough alone


    I agree that Harrison could do better. I think he should give me a try (lol). Also, his ego had nothing to do with the dog attacking his kid. If you read the FULL story on his wikipedia page, you will see that the dog is usually locked up, but his girlfriend somehow let the dog loose. I also agree with that Harrison should just be allowed to play the type of football that players was allowed to play back in the day. Might I add to this while I’m juping subjects, that this man looks damn good in his uniform. It fits him perfectly and he walks around looking like a action figure on that field.

  13. Kelly

    What is so hilarious is these white women the black athletes marry aren’t even that pretty. I noticed ALL the white athletes are married to white women and their women are pretty. Go figure.

  14. S

    I am so sick of hearing white people are the racists in this country. As a white woman, I do not see a problem with this couple. She clearly does not need his money, she will have a life time of fortune, whereas his will end shortly. On a separate note, there is a thing called love, I’m sure all of you people complaining have heard of it but can’t understand it because you only see color or race. Get over yourselves, YOU are the problem, not the white population you’re blaming. You are living through your ancestors troubles and are making them continue. If you would stop and see there’s more to a person then the color of their skin then maybe the “white” people wouldn’t be so readily to take judgement. Instead people walk around with their pants around their thighs always depending on the working people (of any race) to support you. Get over yourselves! Not to mention, maybe it should say something to the other races of this country, obviously they find most white women classy enough to be with. If you want that lifestyle, then earn it.

  15. Ladyanarchy

    The thing about about black men is that they do not want to be held accountable for their actions so its easier for them to take the path of least resistance.Being involve with other races is not as challenging.What is so deaftening to me is that most people are not asking Black men the hard questions.They always give this simplistic answer about Black women having issues.However,my question is why do Black men date outside their race more than any other race.I believe its more a deep sedated issue of self hate and attempt to try to prove their self worth in a white society.Most of the white women that are with these high profile Black men wouldn’t be caught dead with them if they haven’t acquired money or power.Kudos to Black women that are now venturing out and dating other races.

  16. hey

    Im going to be totally neutral and add a little common sense.

    Everyone is saying “she has her own law firm, she doesn’t need his money”…are you kidding me? What are the odds a woman THAT young could headline her own firm? And when I googled the partner “Dana Richardson”, she looks just as young. One review on Avvo and a senior partner? You know James money allowed her to do that.

    Aside from all of that though, you can’t help who or what you like. But lets be honest, I’m sure James is probably the first Black male she’s dated, and if he wasn’t rich she would’nt be caught dead with a black guy. It is what it is. At the same time, don’t act like if he was with some gorgeous black women she would’ve automatically dated him if she wasn’t rich either. Chasing money isn’t a racial trait, its a female trait. The racial aspect just makes it more complex.

  17. Mrstlj

    So what he has a white girlfriend!!! How many other high profile black men has a white girlfriend?? Who cares!!!! He’s with who he likes/loves!!!! His choice…whether she’s chasing his dollars or not…he’s the ONLY one that has to deal with it!!! And for those of you commenting on the abuse…there’s white on white, black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic abuse!!! Love, abuse, chasing dollars, ignorance, or anything else sees no color!!! Every single race has been guilty of everything mentioned!!! This society will never be without racism solely because of ignorance!!! Let people be and mind your business!!! If it’s good for them, it should be great for you!!! IJS!!!

  18. Mrstlj

    And by the way I’m a beautiful African American woman that has a handsome African American husband!!! I have one Caucasian and one Hispanic sister in law!!! I couldn’t imagine my brothers with any other!!!! And not all African Americans are racist!!!!!

  19. B-Eazy

    I’m tired of seeing racist comments, if a black guy wants to be with a white girl, or a white guy wants to be with a black girl let them be. When this world realizes that its not about color its about the heart everyone will stop talking about racism

  20. Anonymous

    In response to racist… American media (society) spends billions of dollars campaigning against the “black man.” Black women racist haters :/ I think not hun or dude…. Anyways love is love if he loves this woman then so be it!! However I am proud of my black family! FYI Retired player’s wife Caribbean T&T woman happily married to Nigerian man!!!! #blackloverocks

  21. TianaOyne

    In response to Racist…. American media (society) spends billions of dollars campaigning against the “Black Man….” Black women racist? I think not hun or dude :/ Anyways…. Love is love if he loves her then let it be people!! FYI – Retired player’s wife – Caribbean T&T woman happily married to Nigerian man!!!! #blackloverocks

  22. All love is beautiful

    Those of you who are judging, really need to get over yourselves. Interracial relationships have become so much more common, REGARDLESS of income status. All love is beautiful-interracial or not.. ALL lasting relationships take hard work on both parts. It’s not ‘taking the easy way out’ by being with a white woman. Hypocrites… Calling white people the enemy? This is not 1960 and the majority of white people in the US are not racist. Of course there are scumbag exceptions, but that doesn’t mean the entire race has to pay for their poor morals and poor actions. Do you want to be held responsible for others actions? That’s some racist ish right there and it is equally unacceptable. It is not going to fix anything. Forgive- but don’t forget.Don’t generalize people. Not all Caucasian people are the same; just like not all Black/Hispanic/Asian people are the same! Acceptance and empathy take a lot less energy than hate and prejudism.

  23. Mikala N

    Beth comes from a wealthy family and she has earned her status as a attorney. You can’t judge people and don’t know what happens behind closed doors. FYI: only believe half of what you see … Nothing that you hear and let the facts speak for themselves.

  24. mjl

    After reading many of these the comments..Its clear to see why the world is such a messed up place!! We are born knowing nothing until we are taught….with that said to ALL the ignorant haters, who care about what race another man/woman’s significant other is…Remeber if any of you are parents what you are teaching and influencing the next generation you have in your livesand who they become..yet you are probably the same assholes that bitch about rasism in the world today!! Well quit being ignorant, worry about yourslef and yours and stop teaching the next generation that ignorant bullshit!!

  25. crystal

    All of you are stupid with this black/ white thing. I’m married to a black guy and have a biracial daughter. I don’t know why people have to be so racist none of you know if James was the first black man that she dated. And further more she is an owner at a law firm and obviously a great attorney If she’s part owner. They love each other and he does not have a huge ego because he wanted his two boys named after him from the things I have seen he is a good person look at all the free autograped jerseys,cards and pictures he gives away. But I bet all you ignorant people who are talking bad about him and his wife were the first ones to followed his page to win a jersey. Y’all need to get a life and STOP being so ignorant,racist, judgemental and close minded. Worry about you and your life because to me, y’all obviously need help. Your ALL JUST JEALOUS. END OF STORY!!! I will pray for you all because you all really need Jesus in your lives

  26. Beau Contee

    I have no problem with James Harrison being married to a white women. I will say each generation has become a little more tolerate to Racial mixing. The prejudice and racism stems from fear of not understanding another races culture. There is a lot of hate and racism out in the world. When you see a black male wall into a room it’s normal to see his blackness first then his gender. Anyone denying that is not be honest. If you can find a slice of happiness with a women white or black and few friends so be it. Money makes everything complicated. Who cares who he choose as a partner it doesn’t affect you does it.?????

  27. Lisa

    Wow Beau! You took the words right out of my mouth! People can be so ignorant and rude, especially to things that are not their business in the first place. I love to see my fellow man doing well in all areas of life. Whatever makes you happy is your business and only yours! Critical people are only exposing their own personal issues and insecurities when they lash out at others. For instance, most people that lash out about black & white couples are jealous, especially when the couple or even one of them is attractive. They feel cheated at the chance and/or feel sold out by their own race. Very silly!

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