Hines Ward’s ex wife Simone Ward


  1. jan

    He dedicated the dance and song to his mother. That was very interesting. He never mentioned his son or you/

  2. E. Baylor

    I find it interesting that Hines Ward, cut big Ben up–who’s not married–about his actions, and yet Hines is was with a porn star.
    On dancing with the stars, he never mentions his ex-wife-or wife and son, but mentioned only his mother.
    In a since, he ignored his son and ex-wife or wife as his very own father did.
    That upsets me, when you read about him, and than his family is ignored but only his mother is mentioned.
    this is only my thought about everything thats went on with him.

  3. Robyn

    I would like to go on record and say that Hines Ward has mentioned his son on Dancing With The Stars. When the celebrities were given personal video cameras to capture behind the scenes footage Hines Ward is seen taking his son to Disney Land. I don’t believe he ignores his son and for all we know Hines maybe doesn’t want his son on the show to protect his son from the lime light. Hines Ward has mentioned his son and I don’t think he is bad parent for not talking about his son or his personal life on such a public show. Let’s give him some more credit.

  4. Judy

    Maybe the public wants too much information on our stars. Hines has done a great deal of good for people and for Pittsburgh, why not leave him alone and focus on the good. He appears to be a good father and a good son…we can use a lot more like him in this world.

  5. Laura

    His son, Jaden, was at DWTS. He had his son on the field when he won the Superbowl(s). As far as his wife, I am at a loss. I am disappointed if he is resorting to ‘porn stars.’

  6. Prudy

    While I do not condone hanging out with porn stars especially if he is married, it’s not quite the same as raping two women.

  7. Jay

    To Prudy…Get your facts straight before you comment. Reported and convicted rape does not happen without jail time.

  8. MJ

    First, Hines is a very devoted father to his son Jayden. They live in Atlanta and Jayden goes to school there. He was with his son in California during DWTS. It was Jayden’s seventh birthday and he, his son, and Hines’ mom went to Disneyland. Jayden is not paraded around like some players and stars do with their children. So please get off his back. He is a good caring son and father, and if his marriage is not good then he doed not have to share it with you.

  9. Brenda

    Leave him alone. It’s his business. I dont hear his wife or ex-wife saying anything. Maybe they have a mutual agreement not to mention her.

  10. D'Andre

    I was a bouncer at a certain bar Hines owned and believe me he took advantage of his celebrity status while his wife was pregnant.

  11. John

    Guess you showed her Jay! However, “not guilty” and “innocent” are two entirely different things.

  12. psadie

    Come on Hines, get your act together and get back with your wife and child. Your a Steeler–show some respect and decency. Get some help for the both of you.

  13. Wes

    Whoever wrote this article admits not knowing if Hines and his wife are divorced or separated, yet refers to the woman in the car as his “mistress”. Idiot.

  14. Clara

    Hines Ward cannot dance, his partner is so good that it doesn’t show how really bad he dances. I do wish he would close his mouth and get that stupid grin off of his face.

  15. Pam

    The man is divorced. He can hang with any porn star he likes. I’m surprise this site didn/t know that.

  16. char

    @Clara Your a hater hines is a great dancer cause tonight he got a perfect score all the way around.so haha to that Hines haters like you

    oh yea hes not going anywhere no time soon

  17. maritza

    I’m sure that more than half the people making all these ugly comments have more skeletons in the closet then they themself known. Leave the guy along he’s not the first or the last to get a divorce, and only he and his ex are the only one’s that known why. Cut him some slack. because of people like you, is why this world is full of complexity. Live and let live. your’re just jealous you can’t have that hot sexy body hunk.

  18. colleen

    Private life means private…just because Hines is a Steeler and was on the DWTS show..does not mean that word “private” changes meanings. His business is his…I don’t care if he slept with Obama..that is his business…and ultimately he answers to whomever…for his actions….Get a Life…and mind your own business.

  19. Gwyn

    I am a Browns Fan and I fell in love with Heines Ward and am now a Steelers Fan because of Heines. LOVE……LOVE…….LOVE him!

    I hope he hooks up with Kym … his dance partner. They seem pretty connected.

  20. Diane

    Now, I feel better, i always thought he’s single. I want to see Kym and Hines get together after Dancing With the Stars. I hope he didn’t have a girlfriend so he can hook up with Kym Johnson. I think he likes her. Yay!

  21. Mrs9838

    H-i-n-e-s. Y-o-u-‘-r-e.

    Now that I’ve got spell-check out of my system, I find it interesting that on HinesWard.com on the Bio page there is no personal information. It just proves that when it comes to his family, private means private. I respect that as long as there isn’t a private family with public indiscretions. Hines is a stand-up guy with a giant career and even bigger reputation, mostly on the field. I don’t know a thing about his ex-wife, but she is obviously a class act since there is absolutely no mud slinging going on about ANYTHING. I will take a wild guess and say they’ve made an agreement to keep it clean for the sake of their child. Hines has never kept his son a secret. He’s in his arms on many occasions after football games wearing a tiny Hines Ward jersey.

  22. jbp

    I am embarrassed to say I am reading this nonsense. I think he seems like a man of character. Just because someone is seen with a porn star does’nt mean anything else happened

  23. Lee Daniel

    I love Hines Ward. He may be the “Silent Assassin” in football, but what’s wrong with that? You can tell from DWTS that Hines is truly a caring and genuinely nice guy. I have been a Steelers fan all of my life (as I am from Pittsburgh), and couldn’t be happier for the Super Bowl MVP. I hope you take home the Mirror Ball Trophy. I am also so proud of the love and respect you have for your mother.

  24. Wit

    Jaden is 7 not 5, Simone Ward lists on her professional bio that she is single. That took 2 seconds to google.

    Why is it so difficult for these gossip blogs to get a grip?

  25. jack

    It’s like someone mentioned earlier, his private life is his private life. It’s funny how so many losers are out there condemning him. Are your lives perfect? How would your life hold up under scrutiny? Why can’t you losers look at the positive things he does? I only wish him the best, and I’d like to see him win on DWRS!!!!!

  26. Brandy

    Mrs9838 I agree and to add to what you said if you search nba websites, nascar websites and mlb websites most of the Bios do not address the athletes personal life so I agree what is the big deal. Though I do not agree with divorce or being unfaithful if he was it is none of our business that is between Heinz and God. I love watching him play football because he is an unselfish player and is always smiling. He does not act like a spoiled 2 year and throw tantrums on the field.

  27. Patrica (a Steelers fan too)

    Well, Hines just won DWTS! Congratulations to him and his dancing partner, Kym. He does a lot for his sport and he does a lot for those not able to do for themselves. He is a STAR! Let him shine!

  28. Anne

    Porn star? Nothing like taking yourself to the lowest level. Why would someone so admired do that to himself.

  29. Jim

    Probably a nice guy but if you really have to defend him simply because YOU are a die hard Steelers fan, than all I can say is that he may be nice, but Kurt Warner he is not.

  30. Anonymous

    He just won the Mirror Ball Trophy and he truly deserved to win it! As far as Kym being a good dancer to cover up Hines’ bad dancing…I have only one thing to say to the person who made the comment: “Go and have your eyes checked because you obviously have serious eye problems!” I am very proud that Hines is such a caring, loving person who can show emotions (both verbal and physical) on national TV. The love he has for his mother and his expression of it should be honored and respected. You go Hines…you are awesome and loved by many!!!

  31. SteelCityChaos

    A lot of post hit the nail on the head. Hines or Simone doesn’t want Jaden to be subject to all the BS that a lot of stars or celeb kids or kid goes through. I mean look at alot of the forums would any of you want your kids or kid reading some of the comments or being part of them? And as for cuting on Ben. Maybe he needs to get a porn star that would love to have sex in a nasty bar bathroom and stop chasing the young girls he has been chasing. Congrates Hines and Kim on the big W.

  32. RJ

    Hines is a great guy, and was in high school, and has always carried that grin way back then. Respect for is mom and fellow teachers and classmates. So life is not perfect with marriage, is yours? He has my respect as a father too, to be the best you can be. GO FPHS! You’re still fast, little man.

  33. Joe

    Hines was a class act all the way through the competition. His personal life is just that, his personal business.

    As far as Kym doing all the work, she didn’t move his feet perfectly in sync with hers, he did that on his own power. He was sensational!

    I’m only sorry that Chelsea didn’t get second place. Kudos to Kirstie at 60 years of age to make it to the finals but clearly she and Maks were not the caliber of Chelsea and Mark.

    Congrats Hines and Kym!

  34. conyers

    I have a question. Did Hines proposed to his dance partner? I did not watch all parts of dancing with the stars. But someone said he proposed to Kim? I like Hines as a great player.

    If he is not married, he can hang out with any one he wants to. By the way, Hines, why would you let your friend ride you around in a Honda? She could have gone an rented a Lexis, Mercedes, Escalade, any one of those cars. But you were riding in a Honda? I knew your knees were touching the windshield.

    Anyway, I love you and respect you.

  35. Twinkle

    C’mon, folks, leave Hines personal life alone. Actually, he mentioned his son earlier.If he was quiet about his ex-wife, it’s because he want to keep private, PRIVATE!
    Let’s be glad he WON! And be HAPPY that he got the trophy.

  36. Comango

    I didn’t know who Hines Ward was before DWTS. I just thought he was another football star. However, as the weeks progressed, I discovered that Hines could dance. I was hoping that Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Alley or Hines Ward would win in the beginning. I am so glad that he won. It is going to be hard to find someone that can surpass his dancing skills. This educated sweet man is philanthropic. He is also a caring individual. I wish he and his ex-wife could get back together. I like the way he talks and I like his perfect smile. I wish him and his family much happiness. I hope he is a Christian.

  37. Pam

    I have watched DWTS since the first season. Seen all the routines and I agree that Hines Ward topped all the previous dancers. Also he did mention his son and even when they bio him a little they showed him with his son. He took him to Disneyland. You also have to figure his son is in school so he really could not keep him from that. I would like to see him and Kym become a couple they complete each other. So whatever happens the best to Hines, his family and Kym. God Bless and God Speed.

  38. Lorraine

    I can’t wait until the next Pittsburgh Steelers game comes on. I don’t even like football.

  39. Melissa

    For the recored, Hines has a baby girl whom he has NEVER acknowledged so what kind of “star player” does that make him. His smile doesn’t mean he is that great of a person. You all think you know what you’re talking about on this site, but everyone has their dark side.

  40. hines ward daughter

    What is her name? How old is she Melissa? Are you sure about this? He seems to really love his family.

  41. GERI

    i truly hope hines and kym stay together now and forever you can see love and happiness with those two

  42. sooz

    I would prefer to believe that Hines is a man of honor…a respectable son and loving father…the rest is pure speculation I believe.

  43. Dollyso

    I thoroughly enjoyed DWTS this season more than ever and YES, it was because Hines Ward evolved so interestingly with regard to his dancing accomplishments!

    I’m live close to the Burg and am not the biggest fan of sports but a little pride does rub off with the teams we have in the area. And, yes, will be watching the Steelers a little more intensely now that we have all gotten to see Hines Ward up front and center on DWTS. So happy for him and Kym to have won the Mirror Ball Trophy, they earned it with great dancing every week.

    I am in agreement about Chelsea and Mark though, really think they deserved to be second if not get the trophy. I think if U saw Kyms face and expression when they were chosen to go, it said it all. There was much surprise to see that the fans let them go instead of Maks and Kirstee.

    Now I have to go into depression until we wait for the next season. With regard to Hines personal life, let it be. It appears as if he showed some truly respectful colors and character when he spoke and was heard on DWTS and I’ll take him as a true winner in many respects of his life. I would be proud to have him as my son!

  44. Casey

    Drama,drama,drama……let Hines alone. If all “men’ could be like him. so what he didn’t bring his ex-wife or child into the limelight. That is his personal life ………let it alone. He was a great dancer and we all enjoyed his performances every Monday, just like every game the Steelers play. I wouldn’t want my children dragged into the spotlight either would you?????????? I respect him for wanting to keep his personal life “personal”.

  45. HinesFanFromPunxsy

    It is amazing how many Ravens fans are on here bashing Hines. You should be talking about how Flacco needs his brows waxed. Nonsense!

  46. Harriet

    My husband is a Steelers fan forever. When I saw that Hines was going to be on DWTS, I told him. We in all the years it has been on, never watched it. But we did this time. Hines and Kym deserved to win that MirrorBall. I think that Chelsea and Mark was great too. Kristy, I think stayed on as long as she did because of who she was. Keep Hines personal life, personal. We all have things left unsaid

  47. Grele

    You are a disgusting piece of white trash BR625 to call him a monkey. At least a monkey is 100 better than the creature you are!


    It brought tears to my eyes when Hines spoke so highly of his mother and when he became so emotional about Kym’s injury. Those actions are the measure of a man. He has my admiration…and he’s “easy on the eyes” too.

  49. Bama

    I thought Hines did well all season on DWTS. Whatever he has done in his personal life does not change that he really learned to dance. He appeared to be respectful of his mother and also his coach/partner, Kym Johnson. I don’t think those things can be debated.

  50. SANDIE


  51. Jaymie

    Hines is a great guy, I am a litte surprised that he and his wife are divorced/seperated, as I have read before that they where High School sweethearts, which obviously means they have been together for sometime. Kym is a beautiful woman, BUT if he and Simone could patch things up, I would so be for that. Hines your a great Dancer and an AWESOME Steeler…I love my Steelers.

  52. nice

    I think Hines is looking for love, its going to get him in trouble if hes not careful. he’s starting to get into trouble. he needs to get use his brains. before he gets his self into something he will be sorry for.

  53. nice

    Drinking makes such fools of people, and people are such fools to begin with, that it’s compounding a felony.
    Hines made his mind up to go out and party, he knew there would be drinking . why did he not call a cab. I think people do dumb things when they are unhappy.

  54. Anonymous

    To,,,,,,BR625,,that is the most idiotic you could say!! Those days are gone,,he is a man and a very well ,liked man,,go sleep with your monkeys!!

  55. Nikki

    If Hines had any kind of common sense he would make things right with Simone. She is a class act. Boy have his standards lowered. I hear all this talk about him having a baby girl named Jordan here in Atlanta, yet he has never mentioned anything about her. I now realize why. His baby mama is one of the biggest jump offs in Atlanta. Ol girl been looking to land her a “baller” for years. I thought Hines was smarter than that. Guess not. Get yourself together Hines and put your true family back in place.

  56. giselle

    Nobody wants to be with a needy person. Pleading and being needy is unattractive and is only going to push your ex further away from you. It will only make them think that they made the right decision by breaking up with you. I have been a victim of such circumstance until i was referred to priestandrew91@yahoo.com who did a spell for me and make my ex chasing and begging me to come back. He changed the table around to my favor and i am happy i used his spell to get what i desire the most without having to beg. Giselle

  57. ERIN


  58. NT53

    I believe Hines Ward is a man of character and integrity. How does that scripture go …….. “let he that is pure and without fault cast the first stone”!!!!!!!!


    Well, not knowing the guy, I kinda like him. I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend strikes me as an insincere philanderer, but would probably dig him as a friend – Kym, ya’ hear me girlfriend? as to his kid, ever think with porn stars, dui, being booted and playing with strange booty, he MIGHT JUST BE PROTECTING HIM? If I lived hard like that I’d sure want to keep my child out of the spotlight – heck, his extracurricular activities would be, in the State of Georgia (where I too live) grounds for Simone to challenge his parental participation. perhaps force limited visitation, supervised visitation, too risky to put your child on the line with his current lifestyle – just sayin’. As to Simone, the way he is up Kym’s booty, I’d be GLAD he didn’t mention my name. there is OBVIOUSLY something going on there – if they have not slept together BANK ON IT they will – how could you not if you were either of them? Watching them dance that tango got ME hot and bothered, talk about SMOKIN’ dang!!!!!!

  60. simone fan

    Hines ex wife Simone rather make a name for herself an they do have a son. Since the split he has had another child. But Simone is so much more than hines ex wife no one never knew who she was because she wanted that. Which is a lot of the reason the relationship didn’t not last. But as far as hines he’s like everyone else he has some good an bad in him. When u have money people give you power everyone in your corner saying yes yes yes which makes it easy to make mistakes but he has a good hurt so I’m sure God has his back.

  61. Truth Prevails

    In reply to Simone fan, a so called “Man” with a so called “good heart” would never let his family fall apart because he is too weak to remain faithful. A “Man” with a “good heart” would never abandoned two of his three children because he is embarrassed of his ho-ish ways. A grown man with a good heart and a good soul wouldn’t take adult issues out on innocent babies. God doesn’t like UGLY and Hines Ward is UGLY. What’s done in the dark, ALWAYS comes to light. Sooner than you think!

  62. Rae

    How many babies does he really have? The son my ex wife and the two daughters that are basically same age one in Atlanta and one in pittsburgh but are there other kids also?
    I’m sure all his kids are blessings but what was he thinking knocking up two females around same time that he apparently didn’t even really want to have a child by or be in their lives. Disappointed that he would even live like this. I wonder if this will make him
    Realize his own father wasnt so bad for ditching him and his mom and remarrying and having more kids and all that. These girls getting paychecks from
    Hines was sort of like a foreign female getting a US soldier except Korean people did not like mixed babies so much. Has his mom met all his kids yet?
    Has any of the females or hines caught stds?

  63. Joey

    Does Hines really have a daughter also in Pittsburgh area that is around three? I am shocked that he did not know better then to just go Around having babies with females in different cities. Daughters the same exact age? If this is true it is a disappointment because by his age he should know how to not have “suprise” babies.

    Has his mom met all his kids yet? If so how does she feel about this? She had to work so hard, but I would imagine his baby moms would get a nice child support check and only have to work one job not three jobs like his own mom did.
    Who is the girl he’s engaged to parading around? Just a disappointment In how he turned out

  64. Jolly

    Does hines really have a daughter in pitts that is the same age as a daughter by a different woman in Atlanta? About age three going on four?
    Wow if so

  65. Sarah

    This makes me laugh that Hines still has not learned his lesson to use protection with women that he does not want to have children with. It’s sad that he does not involve himself in their lives. I’m sure he’s court ordered to pay support because he probably wasn’t consistent with verbal agreement. This is sad that not even his mom (grandma) is not even involved in the two daughters lives. (If this is all facts). The little girl In Atlanta looks so much like her brother by the ex wife from pics (if that was her) and that little girl in pitts looks cute as well (if that was her at a photography place)
    It’s a shame that Hines and his current wife do not include them like they do his son by ex wife.
    Even if the females were just flings for Hines and even if he wasn’t serious with them he still had to known some females will still keep a baby if preg and there is that chance that he will get someone preg etc . I am disappointed in Hines ward. I’m sure the moms are blessed with beautiful kids but this is sad that the dad is not around.

  66. Hillary

    Does hines ward see his two daughters? That looks bad having two daughters the same age by two different women but It looks pathetic if not spending time with them also besides simply paying court ordered child support payment. Hines was my favorite player. I guess it is his business but if this is true it is sad.

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