01/19/11 (Updated)

Heath Miller's wife Katie Miller

The two were married in 2007 and are rumored to have been together since high school. They had their first child to the world in 2010.

The two are very active in charitable endeavors. The Miller's raised over $125,000 at an event in 2009 working with Glimmer of Hope, a charity designed to support breast cancer research. The two have also worked with various children's charities including Variety and Urban Impact.

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2 Responses to “Heath Miller's wife Katie Miller”

  1. wahoo

    Nope - they both went to UVA and met at some point during their time there. She played soccer for UVA. She is from St. Louis and Heath is from a small town in SW Virginia, so they did not meet in high school.

  2. Rebecka Mullins

    Hi Katie I hope everything is going good Heath is my favorite players I watched him when he played in high school. So I wanted to say hi to you all and tell #83 I am rooting for him thank you so much Rebecka