Bryant McFadden’s wife Sherry McFadden


  1. Lee Garner

    Contact me about how Bryant might be able to assist us with the Boys and Girls Club here in Chattahoochee. Hope you are doing well and good luck to you.

    Lee Garner

  2. lorie j. brown

    I would like to say, to God be the glory for all the things He has done.
    Thank God for this great man,Mrs:Sherry you are bless to have a man like Mr:Bryant, the reason why I said that, the two of you got to know each other first, from there God let you all form a relationship and from there you all are married thank God for brothers like Bryant being a real man. I haven’t seen Bryant since he was a young kid.Hope to meet you one day. God bless tell Tina I said hi and that she has a beautiful daughter-in-law
    (LORIE)from Maryland. Be bless God is not through blessing you yet

  3. Lee Garner

    Sherry: I am still City Manager in Chattahoochee and think of you often. Hope this finds you and Bryant doing well. If you are in the area please contact me to discuss how we might get Bryant to assist us with the Boys and Girls Club in Chattahoochee, as I am on the Board of Directors.

    Thank you and looking forward to your response.

    Lee Garner

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