Ben Roethlisberger’s wife Ashley Roethlisberger


  1. vern

    Ashley harlan been seen a basketball player behind ben back..she will take all of ben money and run off with this basketball player..she like him alot..ben should move is over..

  2. vern

    Ashley harlan been seen basketball player for a while behind ben back.she loves this basketball player.and take ben all of ben money.ruin his career,family,friends,his life.ben i would canceal wedding and move on..

  3. vern

    Ben roethlisberger..ashley has a boyfriend.a basketball player that she loves.she only using you for your money..

  4. vern

    Ashley harlan in love with this basketball player..she been seen behind ben back..she take all ben money and move on with this basketball player..

  5. Check out Carlee R

    Mrs. Ben R is nice. But also check out Ben’s sister – Carlee. Tall, athletic and like Ashley – damn good looking

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