Antonio Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend Shameika Brailsford


  1. Jennifer

    Let’s hope she’s getting full value of out of his paychecks?… if that’s not a gold digger statement idk what is!. Last I checked it’s BOTH parents job to support THEIR kids. It’s unfortunate that in this society because one parent is more successful than the other they’d have to pay a ridiculous amount of child support. I make $20k/year and my son and I live COMFORTABLY WITHOUT assistance OR child support. His father fills in the holes so to speak he is not OUR meal ticket. If she doesn’t work she should. Trashy females live off of child support rather than it being HELP it’s more like “how much can I take from his ass”

  2. Guest Star

    jennifer, the dude’s salary is over $8 million/yr; paying less than $100/yr to support THREE kids is the LEAST he can do!

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