Michael Vick’s wife Kijafa Frink


  1. lonnie

    She fine as hell, upper & lower body. She look like an extra thick Oprah. In the words of Randy Moss Strait Cash Homie it ain’t tricking if you got it$

  2. General Genevicci

    I just finished Eagles theme song, “GET OFF MY VICK”.
    The new chant for the Eagles fans and the marching band…HOTTT trust me…
    I would like to get it to you.
    The aministrator should be able to give you my email address.

    Thank You


  3. Dina Kane

    DAMN THAT BROAD IS UGLEEY! JUST what he deserves a deasperate Broad with phony tits, HAIR Nails eylashes JUSt what he needs a piece of shit standing by him !
    Looks like HER BAD LUCK Karma has begun..HIS will w SOON ..DMAn MN THEM@
    see GOD PAYS DEBTS without MONEY ..Both evil PIGS

  4. Blaze

    You hating name calling little babies are sucker made. Team 7. Bet his wife looks better than your trash chicks from Fishtown….

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