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We love it when our research is made easy for us. And we'd like to extend a special thank you to DeSean Jackson's girlfriend Chantel Jeffries for making it even easier than what we'd normally define as usual.

During the 2013 NFL offseason, we've heard a lot about DeSean Jackson off the field - namely firing Drew Rosenhaus as his agent, and the rampant speculation that he'll be joining forces with Jay Z any day now. Fortunately, DeSean's girlfriend Chantel also wanted to let people know About her. Jeffries has loaded her Instagram account with a number of pictures of the couple, including showcasing her breakfast making and basketball abilities.

Chantel is currently a college student studying acting (who also apparently made the Dean's list for the Spring 2013 semester). While most college students leave school with overwhelming debt, we have a sneaking suspicion Chantel might escape the worst of it. Jeffries also models, and while we don't have a detailed resume, from the looks of things, she can't be hurting for work.

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4 Responses to “DeSean Jackson's girlfriend Chantel Jeffries”

  1. Jr

    Seriously, can this girl be any trashier?

  2. Blaze

    But why she got to be trashy?!?! You jelly!!!! Lol

  3. Miss Info

    They broke up! She said she's single

  4. Retch

    The dean's list stuff messes me up, I thought she was just the typical skank looking to latch on to some rich and equally dumb pro athlete...

    She looks the part, but the good grades in college??? What the hell does she see in a punk loser like Jackson? I wonder if she'd pay attention to him if he didn't have money.

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