Jack Del Rio’s wife Linda Del Rio


  1. Alan Osborn

    Linda, I went to school with Jack and as kids growing up on the same street, we literally and figuratively looked up to jack. I tell my wife and kids that determination leads to success and jack is a great example of that. Take care – great family!

  2. rich hall

    Hello, I know you don’t know me….but I was told a story by family members about Jack Jr. I am just curious if its true. No more than that. If my last name rings a bell to you, then it might be a true story. Shannon Hall was my cousin. The story I was told was she was in some way related….Jack Sr? My “Hall cousins” were all from Hayward. My dad went to Middle school there. If you could, just a simple yes or no is OK. I’m a HUGE Raider fan. Either way I am happy to have Jack Jr as the Raiders coach. Just to help make you believe what I say. Shannon’s dad name, lester, brothers mike Jeff and Shannon was VERY tall for a woman. Welcome to the Raiders. Hope to hear to answer my curiosity. Thank you and god bless. Richie Hall

  3. Linda Gaul

    Always have liked Jack Del Rio as a coach rooting for Raiders, except if they play The Pack!! My name is Linda also, great choice!!!

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