LaDainian Tomlinson’s wife LaTorsha Tomlinson


  1. L.H.

    What a lovely couple. Congratulations to both of you, and are prayers are with you for a beautiful, healthy baby that will be so special and a real joy to your family. Keep up the good work. You’re doing great both on and off the field. Blessings!!!

  2. patrick

    I love it. That is one cool dude. Living here in Dallas Fort Worth we always hear about what a great guy this is. Truly great to see a great guy with all that money and fame, and still be a great guy.

  3. Casey

    Just watched an interview with LT after the game, and then I started thinking… I can’t believe this is the husband of the girl down the hall in Brachman. Amazing how life turns out. Congratulations on the new baby!


    Very nice couple indeed.. congrats L.T on your retirement, you gave us all in San Diego great memorie’s, i remember you were just a kid coming out of from college , now a young man married with children’s is a great thing to watch.. thank you L.T and your family from the Corona Family to your’s.

  5. mrswright

    La la are a truly wonderful couple. they came to OCEANSIDE to lay TIAINA SEAU, JR to reast and of all of the people who spoje at THE CELEBRATION OF LIFE, LADANIAN WAS THE BEST AND MOST HEARTFELT!!! The stries he shared helped to heal a community of broken and hurting hearts!!! THANK YOU LADANIAN!!

    at this point the community is waiting for 2015 WHEN YOU AND JUNIOR WILL BOTH GO INTO THE HALL OF FAME!!!

  6. Leslie Tennie

    What an awesome couple! I read about the great things your foundation/charitable works are doing. I would like to ask….if you had someone in your pocket, a local Dallas man that could change the face of poverty in America…would it be worth 15 minutes? A simple algorithm that will impact thousands of families for generations to come!!! Anyone reading this, I urge you to give just 15 minutes.

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