Bart Scott’s wife Starr Scott


  1. playa

    Saw Starr on the shopping gig. Real bad promo of playa’s wives spending mad money on a purse (60k what up?) Get yo big azz out there and help others not flaunt your goods. People going homeless and this woman way to up in herself.

  2. ShayShay

    If she name be Darnesha, she now marry Bart Scott and her marry name now leagally Dranesha Harper? Even for Black folk that messed up.

  3. Chloe

    I saw that episode, and she acted like a spoiled b-witch! Hopefully her husband is nicer and more grounded than she is. She looks nothing like this, she has gained a lot of weight!

  4. justme

    I watched the episode too…wish I hadn’t. What a condescending, game playing witch. If that’s what having money turns you into, I’d rather be poor.

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