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2011 was the year the world was introduced to Giants breakout wide receiver, Victor Cruz. Along the way, we learned a ton about my fantasy team's saving grace, including that the kid can apparently salsa dance, and that he also has his own clothing line, Young Whales. Young Whales is a line Victor founded with former Giants teammate, Nick Collins, costing each just $5,000 in seed money. Along the way, the company built up enough to hire an operations manager, and who better than Victor's long time girlfriend, Elaina Watley.

Elaina also holds the title of CEO for Brand Infinite, a company that defines itself as:
"Brand Infinite is a boutique entertainment and sports public relations and marketing agency located in Los Angeles. Our clients consist of professional athletes, entertainers and artists."

According to Elaina's bio on the Brand Infinite website, she is originally from Englewood, NJ, graduated from high school at 16, and from Florida International University at the age of 20.

Elaina and Victor are expecting their first child together in late January, 2012. It will be interesting to see if the Giants are still fighting through the playoffs or if Victor's FINALLY been rightfully named to the Pro Bowl and any birth related scheduling conflict comes into play here ( Seriously, NFL, can we put probably the 3rd best WR in the entire league into the Pro Bowl already? I mean come on....). Keep it tuned here for more....

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  1. TT

    Where did you get that from, mediatakeout.com??? lmao

  2. Pretty chic

    She s ugly, with no style . He will drop her soon lol! She follows him everywhere he goes it's only a matter of time before she finds out lol! She s a nappy headed how with a raggedy ass weave job every time. She shouldn't be allowed on the red carpet with her head looking like that just tackyyyy! Ughh!

  3. Vanessa

    Ewwwwww you are very mean! Who you think you are? because you sound like a loser that has to much time on there hands! Stop hating and learn how to be happy for people! AND I am pretty sure you are not cute you self!

  4. Marcus

    Wow - pretty chick - how messed up are you in the head. What has this girl done to you for you to hate her so much.

    I am guessing you are naturally "nappy headed" (nothing wrong w that btw) and a self-hater who wears a wig.

    Stop hating - u will be a happier person for it.

    Also - they look happy together and that is all that ultimately matters as you will find out when you are more mature.

  5. saa


  6. caro

    she is good looking! he can date whoever he wants and it is refreshing that an athlete doesn't go for the skinny models that makes him look more real...

  7. Leza

    at pretty chic.

    I think Elaina is a very cute, and from her bio intelligent woman. Who are you to say he should drop her? Your just mad because he is with a black woman. If he was with a blonde, blue eyed, ultra skinny bimbo you wouldn't have a problem with her. I notice with this website all the dark skinned women (doesn't matter the race) always get a lower rating and ugly horse face white woman or light skinned latinas always get a higher rating. You are any of us to judge true beautiful? Obviously, Victor likes what he has...

  8. bubbles

    she cute and if he happy then so am i i am his fan and i want vic to be happy and i think he is

  9. Anonymous

    Elaina is an intelligent , beautiful young lady with a big future ahead of her.

  10. Vanessa Diamond

    She Ugly Than A M'f & Yall Know It.

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