Odell Beckham’s Girlfriend Stephanie Acevedo


  1. alexandra miernik

    Stephanie Acevedo needs to break up with Odell Beckham Jr, Odell is such a great guy with lots of Talents . He has his own mind if he wanted to he can break up with her, He has his own goals in mind. His parents taught him a lot during college, and she is not going to ruin his life because of her. Odell is such a great guy, she needs to break up with him and just forget about him. Stephanie needs to move on with her life-From Alexandra white. Odell is going to have a wife pretty soon, I know all about him and his family and his two brothers, Love that guy, Thanks to Brandon Marshall for coming to the giants and helping him out. Odell will have better wife soon, He don’t even know it. It will be me. From Alexandra White. Stephanie i am very sorry but you need to go ahead and break his feelings and break up, cause i will be Marrying him soon, love you Odell!!!

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