Michael Strahan’s girlfriend Nicole Murphy


  1. Bernadine

    Well it does not matter what anyone thinks about Nicole Murphy. they do not know her, but seeing her in the spot light. I can see she is the one for Michael Strahan. He needs a women like Nicole Strahan. She is down to earth and beautiful inside and out. Life is not promised to you. So live your life to the fullest and be happy. Fulfill your dreams. She and Eddie had there divorce. I am happy to see they are still a family for their children. I admire Eddie and Nicole I am glad they ignore the lies about them. And go on with there every day lives. Because the tongue is a terrible tool. It is a terrible weapon. To talk about people they do not even know. I am happy to see a black couple being happy together. And Michael having the opportunity to have a live show. Michael is human like anyone else. Always remember money does not buy happiness. But I know Michael being married to Nicole Murphy is HEAVEN SENT.

  2. Mitchell Turner

    Hello Nicole,

    My name is Mitchell Turner, I dated you several times back in 1983 when
    I was stationed at Mather AFB. I know that seems like eions ago. I just wanted to say I and glad to see that all is well with you.

  3. krazy

    Congrats to Michael. Never really watch the show before but now I watch everyday. Also love him on FoxNFL. By the way I love the Gap. Keep smiling.

  4. Linda fogarty

    Hello:just saw you on live with Kelly and Michael. You looked georgous.I am an esthetician and would lovev to know what skincare you use.Also your make up was perfection on the show. you were cooking your Thanksgiving desert.Please please share what colors and brands of make up you had on that day. I would love to purchase the products.Thank you so much

  5. Eva Poiriet

    Nicole, I love your jewerly. Also, think you are a great role model for all women. I love the double leather necklace with crosses. I love how you layer around them. Hope all goes well for you in your skin care, jewerly and clothing. I think both you and Michael are an awesome couple. Much happiness to you and our family. Happy New Year!


  6. Dottie

    I believe you have no worries, look at how gentle he is with Kelly , he exudes being a gentleman and when I saw him with his mom unbelievable ….then if that wasn’t enough look at his trip with the girls inNew York ,what a dad…you should be honored as he constantly is talking about you and the kids he never separates and say my kids or Nicole’s kids I believe he truly looks at you all as one big happy family….my prayer right now as I’m watching the NFL Network is that Michael is inducted into the Hall of Fame. You both deserve the best. Enjoy life each other and the kids. Respectfully submitted,Dorothea Jarrett-Gilmore

  7. Shannon

    I think you both are beautiful people.
    Who cares what people say as long as you
    Both are happy… Lots of happiness to your

  8. luana

    Nicole messed up a lot of money ya know so this is SMART to sink her teeth into yet another moneymaker! She di. dn’t like that Eddie was so reclusive so I know her fass hot tail will be on the scene with MS. She’s a trip.

  9. Pennylane

    Hello, Congrats to Michael on co-hosting Kelly and Michael Live””.
    Also, all the best in your new relationship to both. None of us know
    what the future holds, but we must try to be honest to ourselves and
    a true friend and partner to our our better half. God bless.

  10. G.W.#2

    What a Great Story !!!! Mike , U Da Man ! Not to many men can go what u’ve been thru in life and still be as Mentally Tough as you are. Good Luck with your new marriage! U’ve made some good choices lately, so I say, “u r on a roll”! Keep Up the good work I enjoy your show every morning. And by the way your Fiancee is “HOT” :) Also looking fwd. to this NFL Season! Make the $$$$$ while its there, cause one day it wont be there.

  11. G.W.#2

    Nichole good luck with your new future relationship(marriage) and business!! I think picking a man who works as much as Mike is a pretty good pick! I’m sure you two will have a great retirement:)!!!!! God Bless both of you and your families!!

  12. Diana

    Congratulations Nicole & Michael your future together & your success. GOD BLESS you both & GOD BLESS your children .

  13. Diana

    One more thing guys, who gives a crap about what haters & jealous individuals have to say. Block out all negativity

  14. nancy

    I think you are a lucky women to have strahan in your life. I think when you get married , it should done on the Michael n Kelly show. they should take you to Hawaii and put on the wedding for you.

  15. Reverend Charles A . Martin

    He is a God of many chances and has shown special favor on both you and Nocle.
    I for one a wishing you well…

  16. Reverend Charles A . Martin

    He is Jehovah and what seems to be complex to us is quaint and simply to Him.
    Best wishes Nicole.

  17. Murlyn

    Make God the centre of your lives ,and be true to each other and you will have a good and happy marriage.

  18. margaret w.

    That woman is 2 old for him,if he’s 25?Is that right?She has got 2 b 40 something.Rediculous.

  19. kevin s.

    Hey Michael, good luck with Nicole. She looks and seems like the one for you. Good Luck! One more thing Mike, I think your acting career began in 2007 when you scored the most sacks that year. Hope you said Thanks to Bret!

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