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UPDATE: Not to be outdone by the pending birth of brother Peyton Manning's Twins ten later, Eli Manning's wife Abby gave birth to their new baby girl on March 21. Eli Manning's baby was named Ava Frances Manning.

Eli Manning's wife Abby McGrew, when she moved to New York to be with Eli, began studying fashion. She has parlayed her studies into a career in the fashion industry as an account executive with Pamela Roland, who designs formal attire, evening wear, and wedding gowns and dresses.

While Abby is originally from Nashville, TN, Eli and Abby Manning have been together since they attended Ole Miss. Eli proposed in 2007, and the two were married in Mexico in April, 2008.

Eli, Abby and many Giants teammates went out to NY club Tenjune for Eli's 28th birthday party. After a few rounds of tequila, Eli's wife decided it was time to deliver his birthday present. To the Beyonce song, "All the Single Ladies," Abby began grinding away, delivering a memorable and well chronicled public lapdance to the slack jawed QB.

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  1. Brooke

    I like Peyton and Eli, but I like Peyton better. This girl, eh, I hate to be rude but in my opinion, she's kind of a butterface. But I guess if she gives lap dances, he doesn't really care. She's lucky though, Eli is cute!

  2. Liz

    A butterface? Ok, jealous much? She's a gorgeous girl and Eli is lucky. But so is Abby. Eli is a major hottie with a perfect ass

  3. N

    Eli is the lucky one. He has a permanent case of "Dumb Face"

  4. Teddy

    She is gorgeous and went to Ole Miss which makes her even more beautiful and I'm sure has that sweet southern accent which melts my northern boy heart. Hotty Toddy, Go Eli, thats a gorgeous babe on your arm.

  5. Nate

    Weather talks about your wife is completely jealous and need to look at themselves I wish you guys good luck in many years to come volume Tom Bradyfan because I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan And I think you your brother and Brady are classy Individuals And keep up the good work

  6. Dana

    kitch czernicki - Molly, Cate is our dehtugar and Eli our first grandchild so we are a little partial. You have done a magnificent job of capturing the love between these dear, dear people. Our thanks.Kitch and Ed Czernicki


    I hope that this e-mail gets to Eli & his wife. My grandson was diagnosed with Pnet cancer & he has a request to meet Eli Manning. Please go to Team Dakota facebook page. Dakota was asked 4 wishes from make a wish foundation and meeting Eli Manning was his 3rd wish. Please respond that would make his day

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