Aaron Ross’ wife Sanya Richards-Ross


  1. mary w.

    I agree with a black man and a black wife. When they are broke the black women is the only ones that want them. Why when they get green they see white? If they didn’t have money they would be just another black man that could not touch a white women…..

  2. scott

    who is the idiot that says “great to see a black man with a black woman”? really? why do black people always make it about that? This dude seems like a cool dude, and she is smoking hot, it’s cool to see two cool people who appear to be genuinly happy together. cant we just leave it at that?

  3. Atheta

    To Scoot, because you will never see Tom Brady or any of these white athletes married a black girl or even dating a black girl, so why all these blacks athletes are being complexed by blondes ugly girls? Any way they will end up like OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods and many others,

    Aaron Ross you made your mama proud by marriyng Sanya, you guys look like Michele & Barack , Love U

  4. mary

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