Vince Wilfork’s wife Bianca Wilfork


  1. penny

    I know his mother has too be sick just knowing that her son married a fat white woman with not one child but to. Way to go

  2. youdumb

    shes more white than he is… and penny!!! the number 2 is spelled “two.” and if he wants his kids to be smarter than he is, marrying white raises the odds.. she is obviously more intelligent than he is, which isnt saying much as a twice knocked up 23 year old, with no man.. and ohnowyouknow making fun of what penny knows and didnt even notice the spelling the wrong spelling of the number 2.. shows what YOU know…

  3. EHSClnc

    Bianca, A.K.A. BB, has always been a sweetheart. Black, white, whatever, she has been more genuine than a lot of so called black women I know. I am happy to know she is in love with a man who apparently loves her back regardless. Vince, I’m proud of the both of you. I can say that I found true love as well; me and my 5 children. It’s not what’s on the outside. Look what good looks got Alicia Keys and her man (no offense towards her). Praying for all you small minded people.

  4. a keen observer...

    wow. first off youdumb, you are racist as fuck. Second of all, you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are – you didn’t even notice that the wrong spelling of the word to (first sentence: “his mother has too be sick”)….shows what YOU know

  5. Heat Man

    Love is as love does. A man or a woman has to drink his or her own poison. So, let them. It’s nobody’s business but their own who they decide to love. That one finds love is the miracle. If she is who Vince wanted, then he has every right to be with her. Whose call is it anyway? Leave them alone.

  6. Ann

    I just saw Vince and Bianca’s on TV a few minutes ago and I think these two complete each other, they are so cute together and they have the most beautiful family.

  7. Patrice

    Really.. Jealousy is a Mother Fucker!! Who cares what color or size a person is.. If TWO people love eachother who cares!! Such ignorant, racist, non- intellegent assholes!!
    Oh.. PS… Married to a black man and have TWO BEAUTIFUL black children and I’m not a skinny ass either. Lighter than my man too!! WHITE!!
    Let’s make the world a better place not a hateful place!!

  8. Free_Money_thx_Obama

    Who cares who he marries or what color she is. White women are prettier than black women. Especially better lookin than fat blackys. A lot of fat darkys look like silver back gorillas.

  9. GigiAchiever

    No one noted that ohnowyouknow misspelled “passed” by writing “past”. Ignorant and stupid is a bad combo…

  10. idontcare

    To freemoney and fucku…how ignorant and stupid are you?? I saw a story about vince and bianca..and how they met. SO WHAT if she loves her black men!! She loves who she loves! She’s got his she did when she showed Goodell the video. They found love and it works for them. Open your eyes and take off your hoods. Your next Klan rally isn’t for a while yet. Love is love. I love my white wife..12 years and going strong..and she’s got my back. Stop being so stupid and ignorant! Go play in traffic somewhere! I think I hear your sister calling. Stupid ignorant racist pig headed numbnut motherfuckers!! Damn!!

  11. Sybil

    Everyone has an opinion and here’s mine. Everyone being negative can go fuck themselves
    . Yeah they may be big. But they have beautiful children, she stays busy (and has had said kids), and Wilfork is one of the greatest fucking Defensive tacklers there is. I’d like to see you talk shit after Wilfork pile drives your ass into the ground. Assholes……..Go Patriots!

  12. chickon

    It is so amazing how we all are just so perfect. That our lives are wonderful that it is so easy for us to judge other people. I am sad, I just read an amazing article about Mrs. Wilfork and some kindhearted things she did for the community. I am from New England, however I know nothing about football, so I googled her. That brought me to this site. I feel sorry that we live in an era where we are so quick to judge people, when we do not know anything about them. Does it matter what size she is,No or any of the other negative comments and really whose business is it. That’s my two cents. Oh and if I have spelling or grammar errors please point them out because after all I am just human and make mistakes. :)

  13. love me

    lol @ white women are prettier then blk women u sound sick blk women are way prettier fool and fat white women look like wales and nasty ass pigs

  14. i don't know

    Why is it that people who hate never show their face? You folks are nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards!I want to challenge you to go live on tv at any station, reveal you face and full name and say what you are saying here. I don’t care if you are black or white, go on and do it! Chump!

  15. Andrew Wilfork

    Hi Vince, Mrs 75 and the lovely kids, as you know I’m retired from Dade County. Just won’t you all to know how proud I’m of you all…..with LOVE .

  16. hippie weed

    I adore this couple, their love they share between themselves and their kids.
    I wish their were more families sharing the love with a Mom and Dad together, something I grew up not having.
    Color doesn’t matter, all women are beautiful not matter what color, shape or size.

  17. Christine

    We all can sit up on our soap boxes and judge Vince and Bianca ,but do you really think they give a rats ass what you all think.It’s nobody’s buisness at all.The simple fact is that these 2 people have found each other and love each other completely and maybe that’s what really bugs you.The fact of what race and how big she is is nobody’s buisness either.Your either jealous or racist,get a life.If by the chance I spelled something wrong ,deal with it ,it’s small stuff and why let the small stuff get the best of you.I love Vince and I think Bianca rocks,if my man played football and he was on the verge of suspension,I would do what I had to do in order to cover his back also.There’s way to much hate here,people try to find something or someone that makes you happy and don’t be so quick to judge and lash out!!!

  18. GoGoBear

    Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people. This thread is all the evidence in the world required to affirm that.

    You have to feel bad for someone whose life is to sad and empty that no only do they form a negative opinion of someone they have never met (probably an act of being merely human) but feels the need to publicly share that negativity, more than likely in an effort to lift themselves up – that need to feel superior to someone else when one knows there is nothing in your own life worthwhile.

    Get lives people…get lives and you wouldn’t even need to concern yourself with how someone you have never encountered found love with someone else.

  19. C'mon son

    Some of you people are very disrespectful and more than likely cowardly. It’s more than likely that you would utter the same comments or anything remotely similar while in Vince or his wife’s presence. That’s lame.

  20. deb

    hi you guys are awsome joe my 18 yr old son and i watch the game evertime its on we are fans! people can be mean so dont listen to any one who puts you two down!

  21. Jig A. Boo

    Everyone knows black men prefer fat white women because of their low self-esteem. Good looking white women who are not crack ho’s macking on a pimp will not fuck niggers unless they are rich and play sports or rap. You NEVER see a hot blonde with a suburban black used car salesman. Whites have standards.

  22. RealTalk

    I bet his mom would care about what race she is.. More than likely, most of the people that are defending this union are women of another race, I would seriously doubt a black woman would feel like you guys do.. So, here is a word to the wise ladies, if you are married to a black man and you aren’t black, your mother-in-law really does not like the fact that her son is married to you regardless of what she tells you.. I’m just saying.. Believe it or not, it is the truth.. Sorry.

  23. cleanheart

    Wow! It amazing how people that are so miserable with their own lives always find reasons to talk about people who are happy with who they are. Grow up and get a life! Looks like Vince and Bianca are happily married and love each other for who they are not what they look like. There are more ugly people here with attitudes that need to take the plank out of their eye before addressing the plank in someone elses.

  24. Blowtorch

    Vince Wilfork is one of a handful of people in the world who can do what he does, at the level he does it. He is in love with his wife. They have nice looking kids. He is rich. He and his wife are community minded, and seem to do what they can to make the world a better place.

    How many of you ignorant posters can say the same for even one of the above? It doesn’t even matter if you spell it incorrectly or not, hating is hating, and it will get you nowhere in life. And, not that it matters, but I think Bianca Wilfork is a light skinned black woman.

  25. dave h cv 60


  26. arthur lashley

    my brother do what you do and stay proud most of these comments means nothning look at how they disrespect the president whom is one of the sharpest men that have ever sit in white house also slaves built all of dc so why cant we be thereit is a shame how white people disrespec that fathers the black man most dont know all dna is traced backed to Africaso maybe they will soonlearn to respect the father of all races

  27. Unosiete

    Most men can only hope to have a woman that is as committed and as loyal to them as Bianca is to Vince and vice versa.

  28. Proud White Man

    Stop frontin’ y’all….

    She is nasty fat and ugly. The guy who commented re: her low self esteem was spot on. However, Vince’s is pretty low as well obviously. Not in his athletic abilities for sure, but he realized no “hot” chick would fucking marry him. My guess is that he is that anomaly… Big Black Dude without a Big Black Cock.

    She IS white. Back in the day we called them “wanna-be-black” remember? Look at how she cuts her hair. I’ve never heard her talk, but I bet she uses that contrived “Black Talk” and claims it is “natural.

    Fat ugly white girls who “go black” because for some unknown reason (no matter how fat nasty and ugly) black dudes think they are Mac Daddies if they bag a white chick.

    Is she laughing all the way to the bank? Sure. Are we gonna laugh because we see the obviousness of her own shallowness? You bet. Hell, is I was a Fat Nasty Cow like her with any brains (she’s obviously not entirely stupid) I’d do the same.

    AM I jealous? Nope. Being fucked by Vince and his non-culturally-correct-small-cock would be horrifying at best.

    Judging by the liars, jock-rideres, PC punks, and sour grape blacks on here; my comments will be attacked (as will my penis size or sexuality etc etc… all of which will be unfounded and baseless made by frustrated losers) but deep inside (outwardly by whites and honest blacks) you all will know I wrote the TRUTH.

    Would I say it too his face? Hell no? Does it make me a coward? No. Just smart. Does it make me wrong? NOPE!!!!!

    “You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape, you don’t spit in the wind…” and you don’t call a Big Nig’s wife ugly to his face. By the way, the comment about her Mother-in-Law not liking it either… Correctamundo.

  29. Proud White Man

    Oh and most of my typos and spelling errors were left on purpose. Don’t really care enough to correct them…

  30. oslin

    Kudos to Vince and Bianca! Just love each other! Its about what’s happening inside your 4 walls! You and her just do the damn thing! I am definitely happy for the 2 of you!

  31. kGIRL

    To all the people who are so crititcal of the Wilforks relationship, I truely
    feel sorry for you. People that put down others the way that you have are just not happy with themselves. The Wilforks have a wonderful, caring and loving relationship that works for them and is no one elses business. God made all of us, color, weight, religion and nationality do not matter as we are all God’s children. I feel really bad for all the closed minded people in this world.
    Go Bianca and Vince stay strong against all this adversity. I just wish I was in such a loving relationship!

  32. Anonymous

    The truth is she is fat and ugly. Has nothing to do with race. It was his first and last. He don’t know no better. If u take a poll of dudes the results would be thru the roof that she us fat and ugly. And she’s really way past fat and in the obeses stage. U can’t condemn people for telling the truth. They both know she’s fat and ugly. They just accept it and so should yall.

  33. Karen

    Penny your mother must be sick raising an idiot like you. And to all you asswipes especially someone posting anonymous, your opinions about Vince’s wife do not mean any thing to him and that’s all that counts. She’s a thousand time better person that you will ever be!!!

  34. Laura in Vegas

    What year is this again, 2014??? Good god, reading these comments I feel like I’m living in the south. Grow up already. Kudos to both of them that they know the true meaning of marriage vows. Shame on you racist, ignorant jerks.

  35. Christine

    Penny, what you wrote about someone you don’t even know is horrifying!! Bianca is a beautiful loving woman that loves her family, and how dare you judge someone you ignorant A**!! And BTW, before you go insulting someone you should check your grammatical spelling…. “to kids or two”? idiot!!

  36. Danie

    I doesn’t matter what color you are. As long as they love each other and they are loyal
    To eachother what’s it matter clearly a you who are bad mouthing her are just jealous! I think their relationship is great. Clearly they love each other and that’s all that matters.

  37. Fair-weather Fan

    Wow, racist puckers abound here…

    I would like to see an update on her studies/accreditation on becoming an agent.

    For the record, smart is beautiful (and most important, interesting). Age tends to dull physical beauty, but exposes the aspects we can’t live without…

  38. Jamie Epps

    To begin with, bringing race into this holds absolutely no merit as it relates to the fabric of an individual. Bianca and her family were some of the most gracious and humbled people I knew growing up…I can’t think of a dull moment on NE 10th street!

  39. Boston

    Good for you Laura from Vegas! I live in Las Vegas too, and not only did these ignorant comments disgust me, but I felt the same way you did (is this 2015 or 1965?). I was also cringing from the lack of respect for the Wilfork’s relationship, which is, after all, no one else’s business but their own. Not to mention the horrific use (or lack thereof) of the English language and decent grammar… and we wonder why there is so much dissention in the world today… Sad.

  40. love you honey

    keep on trucking sweetheart. very old white guy. don’t let the bastards get you down – I don’t think they will.

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