Tedy Bruschi’s wife Heidi Bruschi


  1. Lori Brogioli

    saw them at the movies today…cool…just another couple (like us…uh well kinda like us) enjoying a movie…nice

  2. patti

    So funny, did you anticipate me writing in to you both. This is the best. Heidi, such a beautiful family. You look so cute along Tedi. A ten for a ten. I have another great recipe Heidi to send along. It’s called the BLT macaroni salad, but I made it with Potatoes instead. Oh my God….It is so good. It really does taste like your eating a BLT. Anyway, keep in touch, Mahalo.

  3. Patti

    Hi Heidi and Tedi, Here is that recipe, enjoy. Ingredieants: 5lb bag of potatoes,
    red skin are sweeter, celery, three eggs, red onion, 1/2 lb of bacon, mayonaise, salt and pepper to taste, one stick of butter.
    Boil potatoes like you normally would for a salad, don’t over cook.
    Hard boil the eggs and chop, set aside.
    In sauce pan melt butter, 1/2 stalk of celery chopped on melted butter, with 1 cup of red onions also chopped, with already cooked chopped bacon and saute’.
    Again don’t over cook just so that everything becomes flavorful.
    Set in seperate bowl and add eggs to mixture and stir, place in frig.
    Now, if you have pre-cooked your potatoes and they are already refrigerated then just add mixture to them. Add mayonaise should be moist, add salt and pepper to taste.( With the macaroni add chopped tomatoes to the mixture in sauce pan.)No eggs in with the macaroni salad.) So good, Keep in touch you know what I mean.Mahalo Patti

  4. Patti

    Hello Tedi and Heidi, I thought about the two of you today and the players wives.
    Which brought me to sending this along to you today. You know I’ve baked alot of cookies in my day. Dear Lord I have a few stories to tell….Anyway! But out of all the cookies I’ve baked, especially Chocolate Chip Cookies, this is by far the best of the best of all the recipe’s. With four Tedi Bruschi’s under one roof, I can’t imagine?
    Ingredients: one cup of butter, 3/4 cup of granulated sugar, two eggs, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, two and one half cups of all purpose flour, 3/4 teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of baking soda, two to three cups of semi sweet chocolate chips, bake until golder brown at 350.
    They are incredible. Blessings to the two of you and your family, Mahalo.
    I like to mix the butter or margarine, eggs, sugar and vanilla first, then add the dry ingredients.

  5. Patti

    Hello Tedi and Heidi, I thought I would send along something alittle spicy. too add to the ingredients: One medium onion, one medium tomato, cilantro, two cups
    white rice, 4 cups chicken broth, enchilada sauce, some garlic, salt, and chile powder.
    First you need to turn up the heat and place the pan on the burner with about two tablespoons of regular oil or bacon fat. Add white rice and onions and brown it lightly!Stir occasionally. Then we need to add some liquid to bring it all together. Hmmm, Then add the tomatoes, garlic, salt to taste, about 6 to 8 table spoons of the enchilada sauce. Then one tablespoon of chile powder, add cilantro,
    stir to bring to a boil honey! Lower the heat, let simmer about 20 minutes. Let it sit.
    Turn off the heat, Take off the lid, turn the rice with a fork and cover.Let it sit. Alittle Hot with a touch of spice, yummmy. enjoy.
    Mahalo, Patti

  6. Eric Pastor

    Hey Tedy and Heidi!

    It’s me Eric from back at the Coronado days at U of A. Remember, I kicked Tedy’s arse at billiards Heidi. I have followed Tedy throughout his career at New England and am SOOO happy he recovered from his heart surgery and stroke. On youtube I saw Tedys amazing video with little 6 years old Andrew and always thought Tady was an awesome person. Theres is no treatment or cure for the disease. Please spread the word guys. Thanks and be well.

  7. patti

    Hey everybody, I got my computer back. Climbing one of the highest mountain tops,
    commercials, life is good. Heidi, another fast an easy recipe for those growing boys. I’m going to double the recipe guys okay… Two large cabbages, three cans of whole kernel corn, one large can of diced tomatoes,(garlic and basil)or three large diced tomatoes. For your family I’d say 6lbs of ground beef.
    First brown ground beef and drain excess fat from pan, add a medium diced onion,salt and pepper to taste. Place in a wok or dutch oven, you will see why.
    Then add corn over the top and add tomatoes, now add the cabbage. Cut the cabbage so that it’s in long strips sprinkle the top with salt and cover. Let simmer until cabbage is done. Yummy, Enjoy. Mahalo

  8. Beth

    Heidi, you are still as beautiful as you were @ 10 standing in my kitchen, with a little smile on your face saying, “you should meet my brother…” Will always remember you that way. Spoke to your mom today, she still sounds like the same wonderful person, too. Wish you and your family ALL the best, you’re always in my thoughts & prayers. =)

  9. patti

    No, no cookie recipes this time. Just a hello. Patriots are going to lose
    to Buffalo? Did this source come from the Coach or the Quarterback? Ha!
    It’s not everyday a California Condor lands in a girls backyard! Huh?
    Blessings to your family. Patti, Mahalo.

  10. Wendy Engles

    I remember you and your family from your younger years in Auburn, NE. We attended the same church and I taught Rex in CCD. Katy used to babysit for my 2 daughters. We always had
    a great dane to add to the mix. I read Tedi’s book – just want him to know we have two stoplights in town now. Progress. You were always such a special kid – we wish your family the very best.

  11. Rob Kroll

    Wendy, that is funny. I was just wondering about what ever became of Katie.

    I don’t know if Heidi will ever see this, but tell your sister I said Hi. We hung out a bunch the summer before you moved. I would go to my cousins house a lot because you guys lived a few blocks away. I think it was like 7th or 8th grade.

  12. Jim

    Nice family, I try to like Tedy, but he’s just too sanctimonious about how HIS dedication was “better” or more “noble” than anyone else on the Pats’ teams. Well, last I looked, Brady and the receivers and all the other “skillers” could all die on the field too, Tedy. You were chasing a last payday after your “stroke”, don’t blame you, but you weren’t exactly curing cancer, were you. Stop with all the “sacrifices” YOU made, you were merely along for the ride, period.

    That’s how you come off to most of us.

  13. Kevin Jones

    My name is Kevin Jones. I am a principal of a high school who suffered a stroke in October 2019. My wife and I have four kids What advice can you give us about the recovery process from a stroke?

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