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Rodney Harrison's wife Erika Harrison shares his concerns about having had his brains bashed in so many times. The man has suffered around 20 concussions over his 15-year career. That is insane. In a recent interview with Bob Costas, Harrison had some insightful things to say about the perspective of players and the possible "lightening up of rules" in the NFL in regards to safety. He essentially said he understands when players say the game is getting soft, but that's only from the short-term view of players looking to make money and take people's heads off. From the long-term view, he says, the league is trying to improve the quality of life and health of its players.

Rodney's wife Erika was once a student at Western Illinois University, and Rodney would follow her around trying to get something going. Apparently, Rodney once told her that class was cancelled as a joke, but she believed him and went back to her dorm, thus missing a pop quiz, and for a long time she was angry at Rodney and didn't like him. This type of thing will set you back if you're attempting to romantically pursue someone. Eventually, according to Erika, Rodney's persistence paid off, and they've got kids together. Will she allow her kids to play football? We'll see. If her husband's brain turns to mush, it won't bode well for future playing prospects.

Though she has not gone on record, Rodney Harrison's wife Erika is just as concerned as he is. Twenty concussions is a crazy amount. This, remember, is just Rodney's estimate, but his playing style on the New England Patriots was pretty ferocious, and he did get knocked out a few times and then sent right back into the game after taking a few Advils. Erika would be at home or, later, with the kids watching these types of things. Now, she can watch her Rodney do sports broadcasting and analyst work behind a desk.

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  1. Jon

    How come older black women almost always seem to weight more than their taller husbands or in the case of college athletes Momma weighs far more than her football/basketball playing sons and usually by a lot. Rodney is in shape. His wife is a shape......round

  2. UaHater

    U out of line get cho mtf life... N btw seems like he's loving her round ass. Ha

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