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Kevin Youkilis' wife Julie Brady (Yes, Tom Brady's sister and no, not Nancy Brady)

04-24-2012: We can now say for certain, finally, that Kevin Youkilis' wife is Julie Brady. Oh, and Julie Brady is pregnant. The couple were married in a small ceremony on Thursday in their Weston home, with only immediate family in attendance. No surprise that Bobby Valentine wasn't invited to the wedding, but Youk did say that they plan to have a larger party at some point in the future to properly celebrate.

02-10-2012: Annnd the story gets a bit more strange. The Boston Herald originally posted, and then quickly retracted, that Kevin Youkilis was dating one of Tom Brady's sisters - Nancy Brady. Now, they are running a story that Youk is getting married to one of Tom Brady's sisters - but a different one, this time it's Julie Brady. Making things even more strange, in today's article the Herald actually referred to Julie as 'Nancy' once - even they are hedging their bets as to which sister it really is. All we can tell you for sure is that Tom Brady has three sisters, two of whom are Julie and Nancy. We don't know for sure whether either of them ever dated, is currently engaged to or may be marrying, Kevin Youkilis. All we can hope for, at least for Youk's sake, is that they have pillow fights over who gets to have him.

Beyond that, what do we know about Julie Brady. Well, apparently she and Youk met at a party in Patriot Place after the Jets defeated the Patriots in the 2011 playoffs. If true, that would make this an awfully short honeymoon phase. Though Julie has a daughter from a prior relationship, 5 year old Jordan, she was never married and this will be he first trip down the aisle. Though Youk has actually physically walked down the aisle, with Enza Sambataro, since they never filed the legal paperwork, he was actually never technically married.

While perusing the various sports gossip sites on the morning of October 12, 2011, one headline caught our attention. The Boston Herald ran with a story headlined "Youk and Brady's Sis Spark Rumors."
After I discovered this headline, I immediately emailed my PlayerWives counterpart to check out the story, which I would update later in the day. Unfortunately for us, the story was down by mid morning, with no mention of why or referral to a retraction.
The jist of the story suggests that while attending Sunday's Pats vs. Jets game in Foxborough, Youk and Nancy Brady were getting cozy in Tom Brady's private suite. Nancy, who has moved to Boston to more or less serve as brother Tom's personal assistant, also spends time volunteering to work with children in the area.
Kevin Youkilis has apparently denied the rumor, though the Herald's original source said that “they were mugging it up in the box.” On the surface, the fact that the Herald took the story down so quickly would suggest that there's nothing to it. However the cynic in us wonders if maybe someone's representatives got to the Herald to take down the story. Considering how fiercely guarded the Brady family has been of their personal lives and how badly Youk's last public relationship wound up, it would not shock us if publicists managed to convince the Gossip section of the Herald to pull it down.
If there's any truth to the rumors, we'll find out eventually. Can't stay hidden long in Boston...

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8 Responses to “Kevin Youkilis' wife Julie Brady (Yes, Tom Brady's sister and no, not Nancy Brady)”

  1. C'mon Man

    Man is Brady sister fugly. Youk can definitely pull at least a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Isn't Heidi Watney still single? She likes polishing Red Sox players' bats.

  2. Mike

    She must look just like you! Get real like the ugly mirror that reflects who you are!!!

  3. sam

    Does she have to convert to Judaism and raise her kids Jewish so she can be able to be married to the hebrew?

  4. albert lopez

    met julie brady real down to earth female her baby daddy son shaman moore played football little league walnut creek with my son

  5. Lisa Kathan

    One should not say nasty things about my cousin! It is really not classy. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. I think my cuz does a great job. I'm very proud of him and happy he is now with Julie Brady! Congrats to the both of them....They should only be happy and have lots of cousins for me to see!! I wish them only the very best.

  6. craig

    well all i know hes going to look good in pinstipes
    being a yankkee fan I always liked youk when he was with the sox hes a hustler on the field
    yankee fans like players that play hard and youk on has one button on his control panel full out

  7. George

    Youkilis is a big,bald, baby!....Every little twinge,and he's out nursing his back(or maybe nursing his kid with Brady's sister,as he's hurt again,the Yankees did us a favor,but got nothing out of him,and made him shave is goatee off,so he's even stupider looking!)...lol...I bet he goes down well at dinner parties with that pinch of Skoal between him front lip & bottom teeth!...Real He-Man,and probably only landed her cause he's Greek and has a forearm for a cock!(watch out Tom),and put Giselle in a chastity belt when playing out on the road yo!~

  8. shelby

    julie brady was my 3rd grade teacher and damn was she a hot teacher!!!! San Mateo Pride!!!