Kevin Faulk’s wife Latisha Faulk


  1. Rose marie garrett

    Hi kevin! I remember you from coach at LSU, I got to meet you because of special olympics ask us to come , I was a powerlifter, wish I could get a autograph from you on a football, so I can use it for our silent aution for special olympics, also I can not find anyone to build me a ramp without paying for it. I am on low income and mom does not have the money, she has Alzheimer, our was rotton before the storm but the storm mess it more. Our address is 10411classique drive 70815, please help me out, I have dandy walker malfuntion and walk with a quad cane or walker dependi g on how my balance is. I also on dialysis. And waiting on a kidney transplant, also fighting medicaid , if you have Medicare you can not get the medicaid expansion,, which is ridiculous.
    I wrote to the president, governor and no response. I hope you can give me some ideas I was in special education All my life, my parents treated like a regular person not lie a child , that why I write like this, I done everything other people done , I was even married for 8 years and divorce. I played a lot of sports even mom special olympics ,

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