Julian Edelman’s girlfriend Olivia Frischer


  1. Hannah T

    Hi Olivia I can not believe I am writing to u. u r so pretty I wish I was u,u r so Lucky because your boyfriend is Julian Ebelman but @ least I got to meet him @ havred the school in Boston when a lot of Patriots players come to play for best buddies.what is it like to a famous football players girlfriend do u get to go to all the games for free?or do u have a lot of poporise chase u where ever u go? also can I have your phone number so I can tell all my friends that I get to go to your house and we can text and call each other and become best friends and I get to go to all the games with u by the way I am 10 so that is why I want your phone number I let my imagention run wild. so please write back and please answer all my questions.
    From Hannah
    P.S can u tell Julian I said hi say from Hannah u meet at the best buddies and u said I am number 1 on the feil and number 1 in your heart

  2. Karl

    Olivia now knows what Edelman’s Lowest Acceptable Bid is for getting a piece of a**. Olivia might decide to upgrade. On the other hand, models really are not in scarce supply. NFL playerss have a steady salary, with benefits. Models do not.

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