Danny Amendola’s girlfriend Talor Reazin


  1. pscheck2

    What is it with the NE Patriots and their PR dept! It seems every player who is a bachelor is soon hooked up with a super model or equivalent! Case in point: Tom Brady, Wes Welker (Hooters!); Eric Decker (singer: Jessi James; et al!(last case PR: Broncos). What has happened to the ‘girl next door ‘ type? I think the NFL has a special dating service for all of their bachelor players? Just say’en lol.

  2. sara

    Athletes and models are both dumb as a stump. they deserve each other and are a match made in heaven. no intelligent person would want to date a nfl player. a doctor and qb? yeah right.

  3. gilly

    Danny is no longer dating Taylor Reazin. He’s been dating Kay Adams over a year now. They are inseperable, look great, and are damn good for eachother. Best wishes to the happy couple. Love them!

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