Is Danny Amendola’s girlfriend Kay Adams?


  1. Dan

    Yup Kenneth there is a Kaye Adams that is 53 years old but she isn’t the Kay Adams on Good Morning Football. That Kay is very enticing to say the least!!!

  2. larry faught

    there’s a Kaye adams at 53 (kaye). kay adams on gmf channel is only 18.No not 18 but a very a very sexy lady.

  3. Jason Alessandro

    If she is with Danny Amendola then I would like to kick him squah in the neuts…j/k (40%). Kay is an absolute bombshell; gorgeous, talented, and from what I can tell on #gmfb, cool as hell – which may be her most beguiling quality of all. I def crush on her way over any other sports gals (sorry Erin Andrews) – YOUKICKASSKAY!!!!

  4. Charles Carter

    The show Good Morning Football is absolutely horrible. It caters to the commercial mainstream type of individuals which are so irritating with there technology new age philosophy and sad to say life in America in 2017. The show is annoying but i would bone Kay Adams if i had a chance no doubt!!!

  5. Adam

    Kay is a great smart host for Good Morning Football. Love waking up and seeing also my wife sorry baby. Lindsey Rhodes is also great. Women in sport commentary reporting Cheerleaders. Politics. Is a plus Alwwys. Most are smarter than men keep up the great work Amendola and Kay are hot


    Peep this Kay Baby! Danny Amendo looks like A goofball BABY! kicky THAT CHUMP TO THE CURB BUDDY! PATRIOTS SUCK! HEY KAY! “HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!” Come to Dallas! the Home of REAL MEN! “Stay Away From The Dark Side!” “The Evil Empire!”

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