Brian Hoyer’s wife Lauren Hoyer


  1. Brad

    Lauren, tell Brian to take charge like he did during each game he played last year. It’s a team game, so in the huddle let them know that you can take them to end zone if we all focus on execution of each play. Build the confidence so there is no more penalties or dropped balls. I will be rooting for you from mooresville, North Carolina.

  2. Larry petroff

    Lauren. Are you related to Scott Scrivens of North Olmsted?? I’m from North Olmsted n went to school with n was coached by Hal Scrivens

  3. Glen Reaves

    Hi Lauren!

    My name is Glen Reaves! Let me first just say welcome to Houston! I hope you and Brian love it here. I’m contacting you because I am a real estate agent and i would love to get into further contact with you if purchasing a home is something that is in your future plans!

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