Bob Kraft’s Girlfriend Ricki Lander


  1. danzuki

    Wow. His wife Myra hasn’t even been dead a year yet and he’s already running around with 30 yr old arm candy?

  2. Chinook

    I’m sure that Mr. Kraft is worldly enough to know that if he was “Bob the plumber”…..well, things would be different.

  3. C

    Can you say, “Gold Digger?!”

    LMFAO.. Hey, he can afford it, WTF does he care?.. But still, she’s a nobody actress / dancer. At least find a 30 something with some class..

  4. Eduardo

    He did his mourning for a year. Being old and alone is a very difficult thing. And at his age and level of wealth, the only type of woman that would be interested in you is a gold digger. So you find one that is pretty and makes you laugh. Beats being alone.

  5. Nina

    Old men are so stupid that they think young women really love them and enjoy their company. I’ll bet this woman takes off as soon as the old man starts peeing his pants. Bob’s wife must be turning in her grave. Don’t worry Myra, Bob will pay in more than one way for the embarrassment he has caused.

  6. bluesoul

    If you are going to date a 32 year old at least make sure she has intelligence and class. Bob needs to get his two “heads” to work together!

  7. I'll keep it to myself.........

    Good for you Bob,have fun and enjoy your relationship with Ricki for as long as the two of ya’ll are happy with each other. The rest of the world should mind their own buisness…..

  8. LT

    Tear um up Bob, you only live once, this aint no dress rehersal. Is it so wrong that your enjoying yourself, hell no. People iam sure Bob has his guys got this all taken care of so there no money problems down the road,an why shouldnt he take care of her, he takes care of the players an coaches so he can make money. HAVE FUN BOB, SCREW EVERYBODY ELSE,LOL

  9. Janet

    Really ,,, I lost all respect for him after knowing he has a 32 year old girlfriend I thought he was a man of morals shame on you Its all about sex and that is what’s wrong with all you grandfathers how do you take her around your own kids

  10. Lexi

    I grew up with Ricki. She is actually one the most intelligent girls I knew. She maintained an extremely high GPA in high school and I don’t think I ever heard her say a negative word about anybody. I call that classy! And if you ever had the opportunity to watch her dance the girl has talent beyond words. When she danced she stormed the stage and the audience couldn’t take their eyes off of her.
    As for Robert Kraft and being a widower. It’s nobody’s place to tell him when it is right to start dating again. I believe given his age he waited a respectable amount of time to start dating again. What was he supposed to wait til he was 80? He already has one foot the grave already. Let him enjoy what time he has on this earth in peace.

  11. Jay

    guys are for it. Women are against it. What else is new. Bob enjoy what time you got left. It’s your life..

  12. momo

    I wonder what Bobs boys are thinking Ricki? Really which of the boys have you shared the awkard
    Stare with?


  13. George

    Let’s ask Bob an “old” question for his Alzheimer’s ass: “Is Suzie-Q as cheesy as Kraft macaroni & cheese–cause it used to be the cheesiest!”….

  14. JC

    It is no one’s business. Are they going to judge all men . Besides I think they
    are all jealous! Because he has money and a good looking girlfriend !

  15. Stuart Reed

    Such a cliché .. older, wealthy guy with younger woman. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but her motive is not love . . . nor is his. His reputation is tainted, that’s for sure. And I can’t imagine his children feel proud of his ridiculous choice of companions. OY

  16. Jen Felder

    Yes, this kind of skeeves me out. But it really isn’t surprising. The truth is, most younger women do not find a man in his 70’s physically attractive. The money and power is attractive though. It’s just another type of prostitution. He could pay a high priced call girl. But this way is a little bit cheaper. He probably buys her jewelry and fancy dinners, but most importantly gives her exposure, and in turn he gets alittle something. Long term is unrealistic for this woman because he’ll probably be dead in 10 years and she might want a family. All this money Bob Kraft has rightfully belongs to his sons because it was Myra Krafts family money that built his empire. So I hope Bob had himself snipped because the best way for the girlfriend to make out would be to have his baby. Hey, men can father children well into their seventies.

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