Albert Haynesworth’s Wife Stephanie Haynesworth


  1. fan of stephanie

    it would be nice, if steph could get the CHILD support, she was awarded in court. he doesnt see the need to always do the right thing. you would think health ins. and school cost, would be a priority, for a man with children. but thats not the case here. big al, doesnt seem to care if his children are healthy or educated. but stephanie is a great mother, and lives her life around the needs of the children. by the way, there is no alimony. she only ask for support for the kids. how about it, albert, step up and be a MAN. not the selfish and conceded person, you show to be.

  2. fan of stephanie

    also, why are you showing a pic, of a stripper. that was never a wife of albert h. to somone not reading the full article that could be mistaken to be stephanie. that by the way is much prettier than the stripper pictured, or the present girlfrind

  3. cheche

    This man is a full fledged idiot and I wish the Patriots would send him back where he came from. He has no class or manners. A few weeks ago The Boston Herald ran a story where a waitress is suing this fool for sexual assaulting her. Now there are always two sides to the story and I understand that. But this idiot says and I quote” she is only suing me because I don’t like black women. I can’t remember how long its been since I dated a black women. Haynesworth is a ass-h— and we black women that would include your mother,sister, cousins, etc don’t give a dam about you either. Why don’t you go and play in traffic. Its one thing to have a preference in dating but too down black women…..your a punk!!!

  4. Dude rty

    This guys the biggest jerk in football. White women are so dam STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Lindsey

    Stephanie was no goodie two shoes in that marriage either. Just ask the contractor who visited her daily in their Bellevue, TN condo.

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