Aaron Hernandez’ girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins


  1. chrissyp

    There was a great article on line about inside the head of Aaron Hernandez that a psychologist wrote, it was a good article… It is so sad that this happened. A man so young, had a great future for himself in the NFL ruined by his anger for a split second, not thinking of the consequences, thinking he can get away with this. What went wrong here. The victim and his family, Hernandez family, fiance and baby. Now she has to move on with her life. She can not marry in him in prison, there is no life there for her. I wish her and her child the best and my prayers. Now this young man will spend the rest of his life behind bars life without parole if there is a trial. Even if he takes a plea for 20 years his life is ruined and he can be charged with the other crimes that are against him. Terrible.

  2. michelle/chelly

    Girll you still have a longand beautiful life to live just make sure before you move into another relationship you look into that backyard because its not only you now its your beautiful daughter and while aaron spoke about how he wanted to bea father to his daughter seem far fethed because look what he did there was no truth to him so keep your eyes open and always stay ahead of the elements if not for you then for your child god will blesss you if you believe in yourself

  3. tracy

    hernandez is stupid….he should have moved on with his life…leave hood and ugly girlfriend behind….if he had a good gilr he would not be in this mess…just like scott from boston stuck with ugly wife..i gues he cant find better…it s a shame…

  4. gatorgirl

    She sounds like a thug too…such a shame they brought a child into their ruthless lifestyle. But I’m sure she was happy to have the offspring of a thug millionaire…her free meal ticket

  5. gatorgirl

    Seriously, Mrs.Tachi B- Martinez (CT)??? She is FAR from educated..unless you call gold digging an education. She has no self respect and she obviously doesn’t give a crap about her family! Her SISTER’S boyfriend was executed and oh, well…her only worry is DA MONEY! Go ahead and compare her to Michelle Obama…it only proves how pathetically ignorant you really are!!! And what about the previous double homicide…I’m willing to bet money she knows all about that too…which makes you wonder…it’s probably the only reason Hernandez stayed with her..in fear of blackmailing him in all the murders.

    Hernandez was a THUG at UF too…he beat the hell out of a bouncer at a bar because he REFUSED to pay his tab, and he was underage. Tim Tebow came to his rescue and the COLLEGE paid the bouncer off. He should have NEVER been drafted, but hell, the NFL(National Felon League) will take ANYONE that will make them a dollar.

    I hope she gets what she deserves..NOTHING! If she were my sister…I would SPILL EVERYTHING about her sorry, gold digging ass!

  6. Luke

    By the time her “fiancé” is finished with his many court appearances, the former girlfriend of this sociopath and her daughter won’t be able to enjoy one penny of what otherwise would have been a life on easy street.

    She better starting practicing, “Would you like fries with that?”

  7. M sharp

    Ev woman knows when there man is no good,because they treat u like shit and u feel it,some stay,i go.i hope u have a career honey because ur gonna need it,u were wth him before he was rich but now u will be living like all your friends,u prob thought u were all that,but not anymore,stay strong stay up ms lady!

  8. Msharp

    Look at it on the bright side u might’ve been next wth his attitude.i think it was a blessing in disquise,especially if u knew things u should’nt have!

  9. Rar lagrone

    Man he gon miss that she had best cat in school and her uncle is deion sanders fool she gooooood.

  10. Msharp

    I know smbdy wth afilthy rich brother that barely can afford mcdonalds,andhe never have gas in his car,people its 2013 people r tired of folks begging and living off them,it plays out after a while,smtimes they dnt even answer their phone 4 u anymore,look at 50cents

  11. Msharp

    he took his own son out his will over a simple argument! Rich people r tired of people wth their hand out! (god blesses a child who has their own) wake up people!

  12. John Englar

    Hi Shayanna,
    I would like to move in with you, now that Aaron won’t be back. I will help you look after Avielle Janelle.

  13. Joseph01111

    First off, I’m so sick of Aaron being judged. I didn’t know anything about him prior to this arrest. It’s a dam shame that the media is allowed to prosecute someone so bad in the media. I hope that it helps him and his attorneys are on it. because what has been done to him, nothing like kicking someone when they are down. The murder is horrible and I don’t want to come off like ao condone it, but his side of the story has not been told. if he comes into court, and smiles, they call him a physco with no feelings, hey maybe being locked up all day he’s happy to see people even in a court. I know his family is there. Horrible, I wish he could walk because of this publicity and that the news could get sued for how they have portrayed this case. No one knows what happened but social media can put together a great puzzle to really turn you on someone. I hope he gets his life back, not just football, just out of that horrible place. He seems like a nice guy who’s troubled. I do not think he murdered this guy. This guy himself was being accused of bad things, and I read he went to Aaron for help then even screwed him over. He got himself in that horrible situation but no one talks about that. If you are on the jury I hope to hell that you are going in with a clear open mind and not reading all this crap.

  14. S. Moore


    If you haven’t already, put Godin your life. Pray everyday for his grace and mercy, and go to church regularly, taking your baby. God will take of you both..

  15. my

    A total of three more people connected to Aaron Hernandez have died in less than a year since the death of Odin Lloyd. Something is very, very, very, evil about this person called Aaron Hernandez. Place him in jail until the end of his life and let him be buried under the jail–oh, wait a minute–cremate him immediately as evil has few geographic parameters. I DO NOT LIKE THIS HERNANDEZ. As for the Blacks who hang with him, that is what they get for wanting to be Puerto Rican and even having children with them. Dark-skinned Blacks are still seeking to jump out of their skins even after the ‘Black is Beautiful’ movements. I have no Latino friends and do not desire to have any of them as friends.

  16. Beach Bum

    Beautiful woman, beautiful family – so sad that this family has now been separated by an avoidable tragedy. Folks MUST make better decisions. There is NOTHING the victim could’ve done (short of abusing a Hernandez family member) that warrants murder and the subsequent arrest, incarceration, etc. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE if the victim’s ‘crime’ was osmething as benign (silly) as ‘dissing,’ ‘squealing’ or any other perceived slights.

  17. ronnie

    Shayanna’s fine, but she looks kinda a bit like a stripper lol

    Well he’s about to get somewhere between 5 and 20, prosecution sucked but there’s enough against him where he aint getting off scot free.

    Good, sick about hearing this clown’s story

  18. Pam

    I’m curious about this…..Why does Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend have to be a gold digger? Why could she not simply love him for him? I mean, she has known and been with Hernandez well before he become an NFL player, and well before he had any money of any kind. So, why all the comments about her having lost her meal ticket, and she had better get a job? I’d be willing to bet the farm, that if she were a “white woman”, that she would never have been called a “gold digger”, among other derogatory names. After Hernandez’s conviction, his girlfriend actually had his name, “Aaron” tattooed on her ankle. She also had her name legally changed to Hernandez. Does this sound like a woman that was in it for his money? Absolutely, not! She really does love the guy. She’s known him since junior high school. I wish her and their daughter the very best, as this case has been so very difficult for her and her family, I’m sure. She’s no gold digger, she was, and probably still is in love with him.

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