Mike Zimmer’s Wife Vikki Zimmer

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  1. Tami Johnson

    I can understand why MikeZ reflected on couples together and those alone. I lost my husband June 21, 2017. I reflect a lot and finding it hard to find ‘normal’. My husband died of cancer, but before he died, Stella’s Hope a foundation for adults with cancer, donated two tickets to see the Vikes play Da Bears in the US Bank Stadium. It was hard for him to get around because he was so weak, but the staff at the stadium was soooooo caring. It was a great memory and one I’ll always treasure. I’m hoping to make it to the game on the 31st and although bittersweet, reflect on the memory of being there with him one last time. I’ve entered the contest on the Vike Site to win tickets and side line passes. Wish me luck! (please and thank you)

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