Kyle Rudolph’s Wife Jordan Rudolph


  1. Sydney

    So many things wrong with this article. A.) she went to saint Mary’s college (sister school of Notre Dame). B.) she cheered for Notre Dame since all saint Mary’s students can participate in various Notre Dame clubs. And C.) The dogs names are Charlie and Bently.

  2. Jordan's cousin

    So much wrong with this article ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ She went to St Mary’s (Norte dames sister school) and cheered for the ND college Football team. So yeah, she has a lot of connections to Norte Dame. The dogs are named Charlie and Bentley. Good try though.

  3. Someone who knows Jordan

    Haha yes to all of the above. She was a cheer teammate of mine and also she’s from very close to ND in Indiana so she’s loved it her whole life.

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