Jared Allen’s wife Amy Johnson


  1. diane

    jareds wife is such a mousey homily thing no body no tits and buck teeth ,com on man he could have done so much better.then she has to get knocked up to make sure she gets a piece of him lol……

  2. Anonymous

    i can’t belive how plain and mousey this women is . then she gets pregnant before a year is up. i guess thats how she hopes to keep him……..lol

  3. shelia

    i can’t belive how plain and mousey this women is . then she gets pregnant before a year is up. i guess thats how she hopes to keep him……..lol

  4. Tiger

    I think she is pretty, even though she married my boyfriend!! She must be special to him because he chose her, and married her. Just because he is a stud doesnt mean he needs to marry a playboy bunny with fake big boobs or anything like that.

  5. mstatro

    Actually you jealous people Amy is gorgeous, especially when u see her in person. Jarad is just as much a Lucky man as she is a lucky woman when it comes to that aspect of things and they are a very cute couple. SOMe people need to find better things to do than bash a person they have never met out of jealousy

  6. MnJoe

    I met Jared and Amy tonight; two of the nicest people on the planet. . . And, I don’t say that about everybody.

  7. b

    Why so much hate for amy allen. She is cute. She looks like a real person and not like so many wives of athletes that are 50% silicon.

  8. Robin

    I know Jared personally and he is truly an amazing man. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to meet his wife, I think she looks beautiful. Beauty should come from the inside and not the outside. Without knowing her, who should judge her. And knowing Jared, he must truly love her (inside and out) because he is a wonderful judge of character and seems to be very much in love. Congrats to them both.

  9. Anonymous

    Saw these two at Mandalay Bay’s pool today and she was the most gorgeous woman there…and trust me, that’s saying something because that place is loaded with talent.

  10. Anonymous

    you people that are saying shes attractive must be related ,all you have to do is look at her and see shes ugly as hell between her buckteeth wide face and long nose and stringy hair who knows whats worse ….. lets not even get started on her body . jared must like the ugly ones so he dose’nt have to put any effort in his relationship

  11. Doug

    I’m a Cowboys fan, hoping the Allens come home to Texas and I have to say, regardless of what you think of any person online, it’s as rude to insult someone here as it is to say those thing to their face….. some of you should truly be ashamed of yourselves….. and you’re crazy, because she’s beautiful.

  12. blake

    The funny things is these trashy bitches diane and sheila i bet are ugly as fuck and are just jealous. Why don’t u 2 skanks put your pics up and we can be the judge.

  13. Dawn Smart

    Hi Amy you don’t know me but I’m your fathers cousin. I’m very excited to have your husband on our Bears team!!! I would love to meet you sometime maybe a family reunion would be nice Hope to meet you soon. Dawn Nelson Smart

  14. Hedy Duggan

    Welcome both Jared and Amy. I think they’re a very nice looking couple and I know Chicago is overjoyed to have them both in our community. Anything I can do to make the transition easier, I’m happy to do. Mother taught us to always “be kind” and I think that’s the best advice always.

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