Christian Ponder’s wife Samantha Steele


  1. Brooke

    Samantha has been going after athletes for YEARS…She use to be obsessed with two nfl players, pete ittersagen and kenny britt. That’s why she became a sports reporter, so she would have easier access to the players. Anyone who doesn’t believe me, this is factual information. I mean honestly why would you pursue a profession like this and DATE the people you report about..I think its creepy personally, like being a doctor and dating your patients. I don’t think she is even pretty, blonde hair does A LOT for a girl and if she had any other hair color she would be ugly, her face is just not cute.

  2. Scott

    Photo credits are supposed to go to the person that took the photo, not the person in the photos.

  3. mike

    sam was dating Drew Stubbs she told me july 8th 2012 at petco park in san diego i didn’t now her just saw a beautiful female sitting in stands alone and asked if she was dating a player she said yes stubbs plays for reds then saw them walk out together out the player entrance-exit at petco park…….i had no clue she worked for espn since she ddn’t become gameday girl for espn untill this past season so september when noticed her on saturdays on gameday on espn…..i saw her in july the last game before all star break

  4. Dennis

    Don’t let the Negativity of jealousy rule your day. Everybody has an opinion to make a comment about your life but in reality you’ll go much farther if you laugh them off they have no clue who you are and how much love you have ignore all the negativity have fun in life. You’ll make beautiful babies at least practice makes perfect.

  5. NOYB

    Brooke, I definitely agree with you! She really isn’t that pretty. Her skin and hair are absolutely sun damaged! Without make up and all that bleach, not attractive at all. Furthermore, she seems flaky. Going from Drew Stubbs to being married to another in less than two years is a bit fast. What ever happened to getting to know someone and really learning who they are and how they live????

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