03/19/15 (Updated)

Christian Ponder's girlfriend (ex) Kacie McDonnell

Christian Ponder isn’t that good of a QB. He had a so-so first year in the pros even with one of the best backs in the league (Adrian Peterson). The Vikings are pretty terrible and you assuming you know what you’re doing, you won’t draft him in any fantasy football leagues. So why are we covering him? Because Christian Ponder’s ex-girlfriend Kacie McDonnell is ridiculously hot.

We don’t know when they started dating, but that’s not what is important here. Ponder and McDonnell broke up around May 2011, which is also right around when the 2011 NFL Draft took place. Ponder was projected to go in the first few rounds but the Vikings shocked everyone by taking him 12th overall. Maybe this inflated his ego to a point where he thought he could upgrade, because we really don’t see another reason for him to kick McDonnell to the curb.

But don’t feel too bad for McDonnell. She may now hold the title of “World’s Hottest Traffic Reporter” as she now works for the Fox affiliate WTFX reporting on all things traffic related in the Philadelphia area.

There is a funny story about how McDonnell wound up with her current job. Before graduating from Villanova, the Pottsville, PA native (hooray Yuengling!) starred in a local Fiat commercial. Apparently WTFX anchor Mike Jerrick took a real liking to McDonnell and didn’t attempt to hide his affinity for the “commercial” in front of his peers. They took the liberty of inviting McDonnell in to the studio where she met Jerrick live on air. What ensued was 5 minutes of severe awkward/creepy interaction. McDonnell cashed in on her 15 minutes of fame (and her forthcoming Communications degree for those thinking she wasn’t qualified for the position) and all of Philly rejoiced.

Ponder reportedly starting dating an NBA cheerleader after McDonnell, but it’s unclear if that relationship is ongoing. If we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.

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13 Responses to “Christian Ponder's girlfriend (ex) Kacie McDonnell”

  1. John

    Ponder SUCKS as a QB and is a MORON for letting someone as hot as her go.

  2. John 2

    Please - she is just some dumb broad that loves herself and loves to promote herself. She probably used Ponder to get some fame. Sorry Ponder.... you were used.

  3. Jax

    She's trying to get with any Philadelphia athlete and is not ashamed about this. Talk about a gold digger.

  4. Drew

    I think she's the hottest weather girl I'v seen; today was my first time seeing her. Another man's garbage is another man's gold, sorry ponder.. she dosen't need an athlete, she needs what she want so I'm off to get with her....

  5. Undecided

    Well he definitely broke up with her because she doesn't want to have sex until marriage, duh... think inside the box fellas, Ponder you're still a dumbass.

  6. Terribletony13

    John 2 & Jax, you guys are retarded. Seriously. #1, we are all self promoters (or should be), because if you aren't, who else will promote you? She would be a fool to not self promote. And Jax, wtf are you even talking about?
    My assumption is that you two tool-bags haven't gotten laid in AT LEAST the last 12 months, and just hate on unbelievably hot chicks like Kacie. I too first noticed her on the Fiat commercials, and fell immediately in love with her sweet, sweet ass and incredible boobies, as well as her gorgeous face. She really is a ten. Keep your eyes on her, she will be on something televised nationally within a year. Mark my words.
    Jax & John, my advice, go and try to get laid, even if you have to pay for it. Don't hate a chick just cuz she wouldn't give you the time of day. Learn to appreciate them and all of their phenomenal hotness, and MAYBE you could "get some" without having to either pay for it, or steal it. Douche's.

  7. John

    First of all she isn't the "weather girl" on FOX, she is TRAFFIC and she SUCKS at it!

  8. Cash

    STOP HATING! Kacie is a beautiful young lady and somebody had to give her shot at what she has a degree for. I'll give you this, when she started doing the traffic she was not that good at it but she has come on strong doing it now. Getting better at it day by day. I for one enjoy watching her doing it. Now if u don't have anything nice to say about THIS young lady who you don't know. Just enjoy her beauty until you have some real facts about her being this so call gold digger. And if she is SO WAHT! I look forward to seeing her doing the traffic, and TT13, you are right! I see some big things in her future. I will enjoy seeing her doing whatever her beautiful heart desire. If y'all don't like it, TURN THE F------ channel!

  9. jef

    i watch fox news every morning and see her report the traffic..and i can honestly say i have no idea where the traffic jams are ..im busy watching her.. have to rewind the dvr just to see where the jams are

  10. JD

    She's hot but has teeth like Mr. Ed. Overrated!!!

  11. Joe suplicky

    Joe from philly .......You Rock Girl .I Love Love Love You

  12. Gina

    Wow ... Just wow ... U ppl need a life picking on someone because of looks .. Ur only jealous because u wish u were him or her .. she demands better quality for a husband and to judge her is shameful .. Leave her alone before a house falls on u ..

  13. Gina

    Wow ... Just wow ... U ppl need a life picking on someone because of looks .. Ur only jealous because u wish u were him or her .. she demands better quality for a husband and to judge her is shameful .. Leave her alone before a house falls on u ..