Chris Kluwe’s Wife Isabel Kluwe


  1. Al Herwitz

    I was born & raised in Minnesota – a Viking Fan – Living in Denver, Colorado now and of course also a Bronco Fan – I just saw your Husband on Ellen’s show today 01/18/2013 and I am very impressed with Chris’s stand on this subject and really admire him for what he is doing – if any help is needed please let me know.


    Al Herwitz

  2. Louis Villaume

    I write for the Tribune as a Vikings’ fan blogger. Just today I had to research Chris’ personal life to defend him on a social network. And so I found this. Just wanted to say “Power to the People” to you all. Amazing we have to take stands for individual rights despite a Constitution that says exactly that. Go Vikings, and maybe more importantly, go People!

  3. Michael Schneiderman

    Dear Sir:
    I am also a member of the Bruin family, class of ’73.
    After reading your interview in the UCLA Magazine it thrills me to know that in some small
    way I am affiliated with you. I approve of your views on individual rights and I also believe
    that you are correct on physical fitness and consumerism.
    Your writing style is superb; the only other time that chuckle as often is when I am
    reading Mark Twain.
    When you get the time read a book called Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.
    Postman expands on your view of bread and circuses and it’s pernicious affect on
    American society. You will enjoy it!
    Good Luck,
    Michael Schneiderman

  4. Anonymous

    He needs to be friends with Matt Damon. Both of them have the fugliest wives I’ve ever seen, and so his kids are really unattractive. Like Damon’s kids.

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