Blair Walsh’s girlfriend Sarah Chaffee


  1. Guest Star

    You and her are full of sh!t. Blair should’ve made that kick – even HE feels he blew it for the team. The fact he was responsible for the team’s 9 points is irrelevant. The team put itself in position to win the game and Blair missed – period, point-blank.

    Funny how it’s okay for other teams to drive for game-winning FGs but somehow Blair should be absolved for his miss. GTFOH! The same way Pitt relied on its kicker to win the game against Cincy, so too is it fair for MN to rely on its kicker to win the game. I attended the game and can tell you that the wind was NOT a factor. It was cold, but Blair had already kicked three FGs, so a 27-yard chip shot should’ve been automatic. Don’t make excuses for him.

  2. CailinM

    I hope you’re past your bitterness by now. Peterson shouldn’t have fumbled, either, but he did. By your logic, the Seahawks shouldn’t have won the game, but they did. Life is full of such things, better get used to it.

  3. Danny Maiorani

    8 months later? Here we go. Lifelong Vikings fan, who has NEVER lived in Minnesota. In fact I spent most of my time as a child living in SE Wisconsin arguing with cheeseheads, BEFORE the era of challenges or replays where every damn gamn they lost was blamed on the refs bad calls, etc. Still we made the trek yearly to the Metrodome to watch the games in the early 90s and stand outside after in the bitter cold for autographs. I live in Seattle and since 08 I’ve been there to MIN see them play the Seahawks, in 09 I drove to SF for a preseason game, 2010 I went back to MIN, I paid to go to London in 2013, and then preseason here this year. Not bad considering it isn’t cheap for me to see a home game and never has been.

    NOW, what I always bring up when this all comes up is the following. Walsh hit more FG than ANY other kicker last year. A testament to his strong leg, and also how truly bad our offense was. Speaking of, we went from 27th in the league in offense the league AP was suspended to 29th when he got back. Now, maybe because that’s all we needed to go 11-5, or maybe because Teddy was TOO careful with the ball.

    So the question is WHO do you take as a kicker who did not even make as many kicks as Blair did last year? And also need I remind you that without Blair there’s a couple games we wouldn’t have even won…So we may not have even won the division.

    Now, AP, I don’t like him, and I never really have. The child discipline thing actually isn’t the reason why, anybody who has kids knows what it’s like to nearly just LOSE it with them. Especially when one of them does something to another of your children that could seriously harm them, like push them off a 3 foot tall coin operated ride at the store. Couple that with the fact that if I recall Adrian Jr was the one who got pushed off, who is with his wife, it’s probably his favorite son. Which brings me around to why I don’t like him. As a man AP is a hypocrite, or what I call a hypochristian. He’s been “with” his current wife since college, yet he has a bunch of illegitimate kids, now, maybe they were in an open relationship and he just raw dogs every waitress he sees….However, at that point when your son just got beat to death by some scumbag boyfriend of your baby mama, you don’t go on TV with, “This is a really difficult time and I’m asking for privacy while I grieve”…though it has more tact than, “Hell I just found out about the kid 6 months ago, then I hid him from my wife for 4 months, thought about seeing him over in South Dakota but really I just couldn’t make it until he was on his death bed.” If you’re paying child support maybe she doesn’t have that scumbag watching your son she could afford a sitter.

    Either way I also don’t like him as a player. w00t w00t he leads the league in rushing, he makes them stack the box which we can never seem to take advantage of for some reason. What good is that, if when you’re in big games you give the ball away at the worst possible freaking time. In 09 Championship, 3 fumbles was it with 2 lost? Then again last year, fumbles away the ball and they directly get points….AP is a two down back, he’s good for 5 to 6 yards a carry generally then springs 1 a game. He can’t freaking block, how many times have we seen a defender just blow by him? He’s useless in the screen game because he’s usually looking upfield taking off running before he catches the damn ball.

    We should have traded him away when he was worth something and Dallas would have taken him.

    Blair needs to hit every kick even in -10 degree weather, and kick a ball that’s turned to plastic, with the laces the wrong way, despite scoring every point.

    AP gets a pass, though he’s never freaking learned that sometimes he needs to just go down to avoid the strip, didn’t learn in 09, didn’t probably learn last year either….he barely even got talked about. Our offense was pathetic, we shouldn’t have had to win so many games with Walsh.

    NOW, this year, Walsh is in his head…he was automatic his rookie season, missed a couple big kicks, and NOW, if he isn’t centered on the hash marks in a non game on the line position, he psyches himself out…He’s missing too many kicks at this point, I’m not trying to get Gary Anderson’d/Blair Walsh’d anymore.

    However, we had no business in the game with Seattle, I thought they’d roast us, I was mostly mad that the Vikes gave me hope pummeling them through 3 quarters badly just to suck it all away like always. They would never have beat the Cards or Panthers last year…so it’s all moot

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