Adrian Peterson’s wife Ashley Peterson


  1. Lady Love

    They are cute! GET MARRIED!! STAY TOGETHER!! PLEASE!!! WHAT A NICE AND WELCOMING COUPLE!!! I love it! Nice Job you two! Now this is what I would call soulmates!

  2. benzino

    adrian peterson is the man, best back i’ve seen since barry sanders, hang on to that football AP and that lovely lady.

  3. Nika

    she was cuter with the more natural look (aka minus the horrendous and typical weave). Anyway, love AD. He’s the man.

  4. Roland

    I went to college with AD. Ash is his high school sweetheart but not Adeja’s mama. AD got a chick prego after Ash posted for Playboy “Big 12” edition. They broke-up and AD got a off-brand trainer chick prego. It’s believed she poked holes in his condom. FYI: AD lives with 2 of his brothers in Eden-Praire, MIN.

  5. Roland

    Oh yeah. Adeja doesn’t live with him, she lives with his mom Ms.Bonita & Mr.Jackson, AD’s stepdad. Derrick and Eldon, both his brothers, live with AD. Ash is in grad school @ OU. They met in high school, after a Palenstine game. They saw either other on campus @ OU the next year. FYI: Ash didn’t like football, she only watches to support her brother & AD. I think that’s why AD liked her. Look out for my boys @ OSU, Rus Okung & Dre Sexton!!

  6. Intheknow

    They met in college after his freshman season. He had his daughter from his then highschool sweetheart. So she is not the mother of either of his kids.

  7. Truthtella

    She is not the babymomma. He has one daughter by a high school girlfriend. Adrian met Elizabeth in Oklahoma where she is from and where he was playing college football.

    She is currently a model, doing commercials and getting into acting. She has a place in L.A. where she works and she sometimes stays with Adrian in Minnesota where he works. She has her own, though, so she doe not live with him

    they started stepping out more so we’ll probably hear more about them. I’m not sure if this is because she’s getting more into the business, but I assume so. She’s the one living in L.A. Those pics are old–she looks way better with the new “Rihanna” haircut.

  8. PCM

    They have been dating fir yrs! Met the
    both in Minn a few yrs bck thru mutual friends! Great couple! But she’s not the mother of his daughter!

  9. All Eyes on ME!

    They met in college! They have been together since Freshmen year! They are engaged to be married! It will be surprise! They have a happy family! His daughter Adeja resides with her mother in TX.

  10. Lisa Tyler

    Ashley, dont marry him. He has slept his way around minneapolis. Ask him where he went last thanksgiving evening. He was having sex in his Escalade with a girl he dated for over a year. He was dating her during the time u concieved. Also how many babies for him does that make now 4 or 5 that I know of. Just thought u should know.

  11. eric eagans

    this eric t bro i just changed my name to eagans my senior year if u didnt know but anyways im proud of u bro u choosed the right one ashely seems like a good girl from the times i done been around her no matter what nobody say let em keep hatin on ya yall just keep doing yall by the way i enjoyed the party ashely u did that for my boy love yall.

  12. k.m.

    to Lisa Tyler please get your information correct. ad only has 2 kids. I am his cousin.. blood cousin…

  13. Rain

    K.m. guess you didn’t know about his baby who was murdered. That makes three! Wonder how many other babies of his you don’t know about, cousin, lol! I wonder how many other babies he has HE doesn’t even know about? If Ashley marries him its only because she’s a gold digger and planning on taking him to the bank. No real woman would stay with some one who acts like him!

  14. pp

    You go girl. Congrats to you and your husband. LPeople needs to mind their own business. Keep on doing what you do, and that’s putting God first!!!

  15. So Sorry

    AP claims to be a devout “Christian” and yet he’s had what, 4, 5, 6, 7 children with how many women and how many of these did he marry? Very sad.

  16. S.R.

    Ashley he used you for convience and you endured it, and now AP decided to marry you. Now Adrian needs you more then ever to be by his side. I don’t care how much money a man makes, I would be so ebarrased for anyone to know a man made a fool of me. I’m glad he made an honest women of you but for how long with his seual appetite.

  17. HMMM

    Well cousin thought he only had 2 kids, remember what happens in the dark will come to light. One child passed RIP) from abuse and now he’s scarring his child abuse.. Ashley has to be hurting inside for him to make a fool out of her.. Wonder how many times he had cheated on her that he didn’t get pregnant. ..

  18. pooh bear

    Ashley is not Adeja’s mother nor was she Adrian’s high school sweetheart. Adeja resides with her mother in Texas, she does not stay with Ashley and Adrian. People need to get their facts straight.

  19. Guest Star

    AP remains the best RB our modern times but man – the dude is SO undisciplined. I’ll never understand how these guys can be so careless with sex! Who wants their income taxed for 18 years simply because they nutted? I just don’t understand this kind of foolishness.

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