06/24/12 (Updated)

Ryan Tannehill's wife Lauren Ufer

The most intriguing player on the 2012 NFL Draft Board is without question Ryan Tannehill. Projections range from him being a late first round pick, to some as insane as calling him the #3 overall. For a young kid with an up and down college career, it must be a scary and exciting prospect, with very little certainty in the next few days and weeks. Lucky for Tannehill, he's got one constant at home who will help keep things sane for him.

Lauren Ufer blew up the internet for a few minutes on Thanksgiving night when ESPN introduced her to the world. During a 27-25 loss to Texas, the ESPN broadcast showed Ufer in the crowd, while also putting up a name underneath so everyone could go searching for more pictures. Ufer and Tannehill were engaged in May of 2011 after meeting in 2009. Thanks to both their engagement notice and their Bed, Bath and Beyond gift registry, we now know they were married January 13, 2012 in a destination wedding in Mexico. Fortunately for the couple, the destination wedding had little impact on their registry as it really looks like they cleaned up with very few items left unfulfilled.

Much like Ryan, Lauren went to Texas A&M, graduating in 2010, majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology. While those two courses of study may not always lead to the easiest careers, Lauren appeared to do well, landing on her feet as a cardiology assistant at a local cardiovascular clinic. Lauren is also an aspiring model who has done a few photograph campaigns as well as having a model card on Page.713, a modeling and talent agency.

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  1. [...] to Player Wives, the two met at Texas A&M in 2009, became engaged last May, and wed in January. Lauren [...]

  2. the Rifleman

    Looks like he's scored a TD already...

  3. John

    Ryan might not make the HOF - but his wife she will. Love the 4th pic of her standing on his helmet. She (and he) is truly religious meaning "God First" and with her every guy would love to hear her moan "Oh, God!"