Could Richie Incognito’s Wife Have Prevented This?


  1. aberrant lawyer

    WTF are you talking about? You seem to talk around whatever you are really wanting to say. Why don’t you give a little history to what happened instead of assume everyone knows?

  2. Bette

    If he had a wife she would probably have her head bashed in by now. Do a little research on his type of personality…homophobic males are usually VERY insecure in their sexuality. Time for Richie and all his fellow guys to just go away like the rest of the dinosaurs.

  3. Angela

    I have met Richie personally & had gone out with him & his friends on one occasion. Richie is most definately the biggest Asshole I had unfortunately ever met! During the evening he had the audacity to say horrible things to me, call me horrible names, talk down to me, and tell me where to walk-how to walk-would say things such as “shut the F%#^ up B^%#^ while I was amidst a conversation. I had left my stuff at his apartment along with a friend that was the driver of this weekend; therefore walking out from this situation wasn’t an option at the moment. I was/am not from Scottsdale,AZ so all of my personal belongings were locked in his apartment until this dreadully insulting evening played out. I am a mild, laid back, think before you speak person that never gave any fuel for Richies agressive actions/hateful behavior towards me. When I heard about the acts inflicted by Richie I never had a doubt for one second that what he had done was anything short of frightening and aggressive which could have ended with the follow through on all his threats. My ? Goes to all families/people/women & children that cross paths with Richie on a flip of his switch moments. Richie-a personal note to you-I do not forgive you as I have never in all my life been treated so poorly by another human being. Karma will/has been your biggest enemy.

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