Michael Brocker’s girlfriend Faith Youngblood


  1. Denise

    They are a beautiful couple. I bet his mom is so proud that her son is with a someone like herself– a strong beautiful black woman.

  2. donna

    Wow it is so refreshing to see an athlete with a woman who does not fit that super model look. Beauty is only skin deep and I applaud athletes who realize that.

  3. kelly

    Honestly nice to see a “black couple” bt lets just be realistic. Shes hiddious …I’m sure once he’s on the road it’s gonna be a whole different story all the beautiful groupies will be flocking n I no he ain’t gone be able to resist … i mean faith looking like a big black barracuda lmao ijs letta thick yella throw it his way ota going down rns heard he like big booties

  4. Teri

    Faith is a very sweet young lady ! She worked for me here in Baton Rouge and yes they have dated for a long time and yes they do have a baby !!

  5. Jackie

    Michael Brockers wife is a very beautiful woman, Kelly. She is not the type of Instagram slut a lot of these black ballers get together with and be made a fool of by having a baby or two and taking their ass to the cleaners. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’ll bet you’re nobody prize, either. You are hating that you don’t have a lovely lady like Faith on your arm. Grow up!

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