Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly Stafford


  1. Jenna

    Matt’s cute and his girlfriend isn’t bad either but what was she thinking. That’s not even a good boob job. One is bigger than the other, they’re too round, and they’re way to high up. The bleached blonde hair doesn’t help either though… What a shame, she could be really pretty.

  2. Blah

    Too bad that’s not his girlfriend. What you’re missing from this set of pictures is the photo of him with a different girl slung over his shoulder.

  3. Blah

    The girl in the background with the red hat. She’s the one slung over his shoulder and he’s carrying her off.

  4. J.

    A real intelligent and pretty baller wife tends to NOT be a fake blonde. Anyway best wishes to this couple. Stafford is a hardworking and committed player. He served Detroit very well. It is time for Stafford to take his blondie and children and head to a different team.

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