Lawrence Phillips’ ex-girlfriend Kate McEwen


  1. Jane

    Cry me a goddamn river. I don’t care what you’ve been through, eventually you’re an adult and should damn well know not to beat the shit out of your girlfriend or run over multiple people. I got problems too, but I take my fucking meds and don’t commit felony assault.

  2. Job holmes

    The author of this article is an idiot ; that is the problem with our society today , everyone believes it is someone else’s fault for their own actions. What a joke! Terrible article ; a lot of people grow up in foster care and are not lowdown, sorry thugs.

  3. Anonymous

    So, I watched a documentary last night about this guy and I found it very sad. This poor wretch was clearly alcoholic and it is so sad to me that no one ever suggested treatment for his alcoholism. It’s amazing that when that is addressed, most other things, like his pesky temper, clear up too. For the love of God, AA is free! These clowns who write these articles about poor, black, group home-make me sick. I grew up not wealthy in a violent alcoholic family and I have the SAME kind of temper as Philips… I am a white woman. I understand this poor bastard because I got it too. Thank God for AA! 17 years after finally accepting my disease and all its consequences I am sober, employed, have two gorgeous little boys and a loving husband. I am most days, happy joyous and free…only because of THOSE meetings and THOSE people. If you know one of these poor souls, get them to an AA meeting. I don’t know why they work, they just do!!

  4. Amelia

    Mr/Mrs Anonymous, you’re a joke. Do you really believe his friends and coaches didn’t try to get him to rehab? You can’t help those that don’t want to be helped. A person has to believe in every part of their soul that they want change and a better life. However, if this man had a traumatic brain injury, even before football, when he was a child, they cannot help their behavior. The behavior he showed was consistent with a brain injury. I know first hand. My son was exactly like that. Their brain injury leaves them with no forethought on handling certain situations like we have. They have no control and need to be medicated, and again, they have to want help and “they” have to want to take their meds, but I’ll bet money nobody addressed a possible brain injury. Such a sad story all the way around.

  5. Gerry

    Sadly, this man was a tragedy. However, the lack of empathy that all seem to have is equa Lily saddening. Empathy for ALL, the women and Phillips.

  6. Pamela Branden

    Soooo sad that this article says she played a small part in his life. Look what this relationship did to both of them……. ESP Kate……Who is being dismissed. THIS EVENT IS LIFE ALTERING!!!!!!!

  7. PP

    maybe if McEwen would have broken up with her boyfriend BEFORE she went whoring around with Scott Frost, she wouldn’t have got the ass beaten she deserved. Phillips ain’t a perfect person, but how would you like to come home expecting to see your girlfriend and find out she’s boinking some other guy…… how would you feel. we’ve seen it way too many times. if you don’t want the guy, break up with him. you can’t have your cake and eat it too. lesson learned~!!

  8. Documentary

    I am watching the documentary for the first time and as much as I’m disappointed with the way he did that girl, who actually poked the bear and the bear responded to a negative
    situation. I see how possibly he could have the traumatic brain injury due to pursuing a career in football. Sadly he continued to inflict pain to other people which over shadows his career in football. My prayers goes out to the people he hurt and my prayers go out to him because he choose to take his own life instead of being a man and taking care of the situation he created.

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