Philip Rivers’ wife Tiffany Rivers


  1. Chasitie

    I went to middle and high school with Tiffany. She had the sweetest demeanor and personality ever. If it wasn’t for her, I probably would’ve failed Mrs. Holliday’s history classed! I still laugh at some of the conversations we would have, she was a complete riot!

  2. Chris

    Hey “Eurasian”…grow up. About the lowest thing a person could do is make a negative comment about someone else’s wife. You’re an idiot.

  3. Deimus

    First of all, I agree with “Chris” on the comment that “EurASSian” stupidly made: lame, idiot and out of place… anyway, I’m a Chargers fan and I really think that Rivers has done wonderful things for the team and I really admire him, all I can do it’s wish them the best and hope he can give us a Lombardi hahaha…

  4. jeremy

    Thats awesome. Im happy for Philip. He appears to have a great home life with the woman he loves,. Who could ask for more? And hes getting ready to bring home that Lombardi Trophy… GO BOLTS!!!!

  5. amncutt

    So, number one, that picture doesn’t do Tiffany justice. And number two, shut your mouth about people that you don’t know. Tiffany’s sister is married to my brother, and the ENTIRE family is a goodlooking bunch. And those of you making shallow, disrespectful, and uneducated comments don’t hold a candle to Tif’s beauty- inside AND out. Quite frankly, though, Tif could probably care less about what you have to say about her. She’s got the man that you could only dream of having…..

  6. anthony

    What an adorable picture of an obvioulsy adorable family. How could anyone see it as anything else. Sure I think he is almost irresistable… but look at this wonderful picture!! Call me old-fashioned.

  7. valerie dickens

    thats a great picture, i met her in jw Tummbels when she only had halle ,very beautifull little girl and she was pregnant. you can tell she’s a very humbel loveing person. may God continue to bless there family.

    ps. my husbad gets really mad @ me when i go for the chargers ,his a big bronco fan. lol

  8. Charger-Chica

    Tiffany Rivers is very beautiful! Congratulations to both on keeping it “real”. Thank you Rivers for being a leader to our Chargers! Congratulations on a beautiful growing family!!

  9. torria

    Tiffany is pretty and Philip and his family look very happy!!!!!!!!!


  10. NAZI

    All you pacifists whining about what she looks like. Who cares? Your all weak and jelous. And the eurasian. Mud people!!

  11. Marie Christian-Sartain

    I went to school with Tiffany for a long time. Me and her had a lot of fun times together. She has a good heart and a great mind to go with her beautiful looks. Her and Philip has a love not many these days will ever understand. I’m so happy for them.
    @ Broke….How can you say she’s broke??? Looks like to me her family is doing very well.
    @ all other haters out there that want to say ugly things about such a beautiful person…….you guys are just jealous and need to grow up. How would you like your picture to be posted for the world to see and comment on? Bet it wouldn’t look half as great as theirs does.

    Tiffany, I wish you guys the best darling. You look great! Always have, and always will!!! Keep doin what you do!

  12. reader


  13. Pam Jarrett

    Wow sounds like a lot of jealous people out there. How can they make such comments about Phillip’s wife. She does not deserve them. They look like a very happy couple. They have five children and the comments you make are very disrespectful to a family that you don’t even know.

  14. NC State guy

    Southern women are awesome…Im a NYer who went to NC State…Im sure Tiff is a great gal…5 kids? THAT proves she’s a woman good enough for a millionaire football star…He seems happy…

  15. Rivergirl

    I think Tiffani is beautiful, and an all-American woman; I also think that their love is real and enduring, and they are a fantastic couple, and family!!!

  16. St. Mary's Catholic Church

    Tiffani Rivers is a special women. Her beliefs come first and family. Tiffani spoke at our church and she is sensitive and a very giving person. Pay it forward Tiffani! Blessings to you and your lovely family. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  17. Marie Christian-Sartain

    @ FUNONE- Thats not a very nice thing to say. I don’t worry about his love and commitment to Tif at all. They have always loved each other and knew from an early age, they were meant to be together. Philip is an awesome man, and Tif a wonderful woman, they deserve each other equally. They have a very rewarding life with each other, and always will. Anyone that says otherwise are just idiots that have no clue who they are commenting about, they are just jealous and want to spread their bitterness.

  18. Jay Villalpando

    Yo philip nigga wat da fuk she better have tities or ass cuz she ugly. U da best in the league and u get that monster

  19. haters

    for everybody talking shyt saying how unattractive you think this man’s wife is who cares what yall think she looks like..if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything…and really yalls opinion don’t even matter because you aren’t married to her he is and obviously he thinks she is beautiful because it is confirmed that he has smashed that at least 6 times in his life

  20. prfan

    wow! the hateful comments about tiffany are not needed. She may be one of the most beautiful woman on the inside AND out that I have ever met! She is a gorgeous woman, and looks amazing after having 5 kids. She is the sweetest most genuine person I have ever met. This picture does her no justice. But I garuntee you she is a beautiful woman, and their family may be one of the best happiest families around.

  21. LLivecchi

    so excited to hear that two of the most beautiful people Ive ever known will be bringing another precious life into this world! I miss you both and pray that we can connect again someday! Happy Bday recently Halle, cant believe that you and Jake are so big, seems like yesterday your mom and I were praying for you to come! Love to all, Lauren<3

  22. langlang

    the heifer is homely as any mutt at the pound!!! what happened to the blonde big boob bimbo that is standard equipment for all million dollar quaterbacks? also, what an idiot! 6 kids??! you gotta be kidding, if that thing ever goes sour, he’ll have to take up residence at the chargers facility.

  23. Dale

    Refreshing to see an athlete make wholesome choices and not be shy about it. Admirable. His wife and kids are lucky to have him, as I have no doubt he feels Blessed as well. Awesome family – I’ll pray the devil leaves them alone so they can continue to be Blessed. They deserve it. Besides that, he’s a heckuva quarterback!!

  24. Chuck M.

    Would guys lay off about the negative comments about his wife! Sounds to me that you guys a jealous, its probably you guys that have the homely, heifer looking wifes! I think she is very pretty and he is a lucky guy! And what does his wifes looks have to do with his play for the Chargers! He is an outstanding quarterback, at least he looks like a man and not a girl like Tom Brady of the Patriots!

    Win, lose or tie, Chargers til I die

  25. ks1984

    y do u ppl care wat she luks like? he’s married to her not u ppl.. he doesnt have to marry sumone that the world finds attractive.. such haters.. grow up..

  26. Fredo

    A wholesome love story is just too much for some people…..yeah that is still the norm …..believe it or not!

    Way to go Phillip and Tiffany!

  27. Sabrina

    My son loves Phillip Rivers he’s four and thinks this guy is the best quarterback in the world. He’s been begging me to someday meet him. I’m just glad he looks like a good family guy can’t ask for a better hero to a little boy than a guy who has such a beautiful happy family.

  28. Cynthia

    I met Phillip Rivers today at a Pro-Life Gala here in San Diego and he was there with his wife and 2 week old baby. He is a very nice guy, a bit shy and his wife is beautiful. He is very into his faith and donated 2 dinners with him and his wife that sold for 17,000 each. He was only going to do 1 but he said since the auction bid went up to 17,000 and that was his number he would do two. Very nice guy and I wish him and his wife the best.

  29. Mariieh

    Awe my “fantasy” husband is married :/ lol.
    What a cute family though and such a sweet story to marry your junior high sweetheart, score! 6 kids? What a blessing! Congrats to them both, he is still my favorite athlete………….

  30. PH

    The beginning of this article is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read…stating Philip Rivers took procreation lessons from Antonio Cromartie!!! SERIOUSLY did someone really write that. That is such an insult…
    FIRST, Philip and his wife are happily married, are good parents and can afford to take care of their family.
    Cromartie has 7 children by what 5, 6, 7 women…not married and where is the love and faith …does he pay child support ? is he taking care of them? well the list goe son.

  31. DLSA

    First of all I have never seen so many grammatical errors in my life! No wonder US public information is geared toward the 6 th grade mentality! If some of you had put the time you have spent trashing Philip Rivers’s wife into your education maybe you could be classified as a literate person! Good for Philip Rivers and his wife and the happiness they have found. My only other comment would be “It’s OK to be married and use BIRTH CONTROL!” The earth is so overpopulated that one day we won’t have any space to play football! At least they have the means to support their children, but take a look at places where the birthrates run rampant. Most of those people live in terrible poverty, and overcrowding leads to disease and unsanitary conditions! Of course children can be a blessing, but they need two involved parents to be healthy of mind and body. Philip Rivers’s children are very lucky in that respect. So you men that like to “hit that” had better take responsibility to prevent another child
    that many of you aren’t going to support or connect with until you find yourselves old and alone. Women, get with the program also! Use birth control also, you have a better chance to marry happily, rear great kids into even better adults all because you were smart enough to think things out first! OH, and GO CHARGERS!

  32. Nick

    I think this conversation has gotten out of hand. Who cares about any of this. Although the joke is on me, I actually read every post about this retarded article.

  33. Rgarrod

    My husband and I had six cheldren by the time I was 26 and he was 29.We adopted a baby when I was 36.We where very happy and loved one another.We where married for 48 years before he died.He was my soul mate and my beloved.I will always love him and miss him.Yes, we are Catholic and where 2 kids when we got married.The Rivers will be fine and they seem like a wonderful couple.

  34. Rgarrod

    My husband and I had six children by the time I was 26 and he was 29.We adopted a baby when I was 36.We were very happy and loved one another.We were married for 48 years before he died.He was my soul mate and my beloved.I will always love him and miss him.Yes, we are Catholic and where 2 kids when we got married.The Rivers will be fine and they seem like a wonderful couple.

  35. Jesusfreak

    I heard that they are VERY religeous. That’s fantastic!!! I have never been a football fan until Rivers came along. That’s when the Chargers started doing a little better. I think it’s sad to know that there are so many gold digging, shallow, nasty people have to talk smack to make themselves feel good. God help you. If he’s been in love with her since 7th grade, then they are true soul mates. May you all find God!!! That kind of love is so rare these days!!!! It’s a sick world we live in and you haters that are disgusting saying your nasty stuff ought to be ashamed!!! Some people like to just cause trouble, guess it’s true, misery loves company. Go find your own man. Leave them alone, they have 6 kids and deserve respect. Tiffany and Philip look great together and they are blessed. You wouldn’t appreciate it if you had it from the way you sound. God bless you Rivers and family!!! Go Chargers!!!!

  36. Philip Rivers' #1 fan!

    I think they look great together! Philip has lived a truley blessed life, and his

    wife is very lucky as Philip is very desirable to MANY women. Although Rivers

    could have just about any woman in the world as his wife, he’s had his eyes set

    on Tiffany since the 7th grade so there’s no one more deserving of his

    companionship than Tiff. It’s befitting that they have one another! Good luck to

    the both of them, and may God continue raining His blessings upon them and theirs.

    Go Chargers! Please, get us a Lombaradi, Philip! Next year I believe it will happen once Norv is gone—hopefully A.J. Smith too!—, and please stop throwing picks; you’re killing me! LOL!

  37. Debbie

    Congrads on your new son. I think you and Tiffany make a beautiful couple and family. You were very blessed to find each other at such a young age and still be together, it is a very rare thing. Keep setting a good example for all of the other people out there. And I think you do the Chargers justice keep up the good work.

  38. tony

    people like rivers, brees, romo, warrner, so on are the connerstone of the sporstsworld their looking out of the box. their contributions on and off the field. are for the good, not the glamore and greed..

  39. Peyton F-ing Manning

    Eurasian is just another of millions of typical white supremacist Orientals. Whites are like crack pebbles to such types, they can’t get enough of us. They follow us like hungry animals, abandon their “civilization” by the millions in order to line up at the white man’s supper table.

    She probably also dyes her hair, bleaches her skin, gets breast implants and epicanthic fold surgeries as well.

  40. shane

    I played baseball with philip growing up. his father was our coach. his mother taught me how to swim. he is a good guy and they dated for years. one of the best guys i ever had the pleasure of playing ball with and a real good dude all around. she is a good person as well. im happy for his success and i wish him the best.

  41. Kathleen Jane Smalley

    Who are these shallow mean spirited people??beautiful family that are grounded in their faith….God bless you

  42. Mitch

    I’ve been calling him ‘Phrivers since like 2008 when he almost helped me almost make the playoffs in my fantasy season. It needs to stick…just say it….”Phrivers”. Oh yeah. “Phrivers.” The whole 7th grade story is crazy though. Phrivers need some strange. She’s decent but he’s in San Diego. Get some latino love.

  43. Jessica

    Philip is blessed to have someone love him so and he can trust that love because the love was there well before he was famous. They both are blessed to be so fertile and rich to have so many babes together!!! If I was fertile and had the money I’d have 7 babies with my hubby too!!! God Bless the Rivers family!!!

  44. Nancy

    Beautiful wife! Beautiful children! Great Quarterback! Beautiful life! Gotta love them! Congratulations on the birth of your 7th child.

  45. Zack

    Philip Rivers, a former Saint but now a Charger…wearing the respective number 17 has closely led the Bolts to a playoff win but came up short…”The Chargers are going to the Super Bowl!!!” is a dream that is closing rapidly unless they do something about it!!!

  46. Jeff haderer

    You and the Chargers were simply horrible today!!!
    Your work ethic is in huge question in North San Diego county…

  47. Edward Hurst

    Need to slow down on having all these kids. I know you love the sex but don’t worry about having enough room to play football worry about having enough oxygen in about 15 more years. You may have a college degree but don’t think you have learned any more than the homeless people in this world. The population of this world was 3 billion in 1916 and in less than 100 years it has gone to over 7 billion. We are destroying the human race and everything around it. Wake up people we won’t smelling the roses much longer.

  48. Bobbie Gibbons

    Dear Tiffany,

    I was a friend of your grandmother (Betty Jo) she was such a lovely lady. I know she is smiling down on you and your family. I would wish you a blessed life. You and your husband are examples of what a good marriage and family should be in the NFL. It must be called “mutual respect.”

  49. Taylor Osland

    Dear phlip why you Not did me you are married and 6 kids You lost the team your coach I want to lose the game. I am so disspointed to you. We had after the broncos and I am so mad at you. We have to after the beat You promises me no more the flags Start holding and illegal. Hands. Do you remember the night I went to San Diego. I was there we won the game on the tv. Against the chefs Is this my first day I want to see you person I want to take you out on the date.

  50. Jakeismyname

    She is not ugly. She looks like a “mom” rather than a model. That she is still fairly slim after seven children which is cool. Apparently they started dating when they were 13 and didn’t have sex until they married when they was 19. I don’t think that is a big deal. A ton of people lose their virginity at that age. What is so strange about this couple is that they have so many children. His wife should really get on birth control because having so many children is not good for her health.


    I’m an NFL / AFL fan since ’63 in S.D. Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in the NFL on & off the field. Great looking family that all should want. A couple since the 7th grade shows determination, maturity and a leader…to the Lombardi Trophy!
    God has blessed you with 7 great kids and Tiffany you look terrific. God is using your family to show the world what can happen when you believe in him. Your our Quarterback who is a role model for our younger “boys” to emulate. Wishing your family the best of health and success. Million of Chargers fans (yes we are that many)know your the Quarterback to get the Lombardi Trophy for San Diego.

  52. JJWatt

    All of you trolls and haters…none of you would be saying any of that crap if you weren’t hiding behind your computers. Come on out and tell Philip to his face what you think of his wife…yeah, I didn’t think so, you pansy-@ss cowards. Next time, if you want to insult someones appearance, check the mirror.

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