Norv Turner’s wife Nancy Turner and daughter Stephanie Turner


  1. Ure A Creep

    So you make a post saying older women are boring but drool over a coach’s daughter?

    You’re a creep. Also a bad writer and editor.

    She also thinks you’re a creep.

  2. Marlene Divina

    My junior year at Oregon I met Norv because he lived upstairs in the same apartment building. A couple with a little boy, about 8 years old, lived next door to me. Norv took the time yo play catch with this child, football,of course, which I recognised as big hearted. Norv truly is a good person.

  3. Bill Norville

    I grew up in Martinez close to Norv and Ron Turner also I graduated from Alhambra high school with Ron Turner. They both were and remain class acts to this day! I was lucky enough to invent a process ( Clearfix) which makes aircraft windows last indefinitely I’ve been blessed with a great Wife and Life! These guys also have the same work and life ethic I was brought up with, That is to leave this world a better place for us having been here. These guys absolutely epitomize this ethic and I feel proud simply for being lucky enough to have known them

  4. Joanne Folk Neal

    I went to Alhambra high school and graduated 71. Norv was even then stood out..I can’t explain but I even talked to him and was impressed just by his maturity and yes what a nice’s funny I always wondered what the future held for him. My brother David Folk ,(rip,) graduated with him… Alhambra High school had at my time in school a winning football team..the bulldogs…Norv wasn’t a handsome guy..but I’m not surprised how well he has done…

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